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3D rapid prototyping technology benefits
Mar 14, 2017

1) high-performance materials and complex part "near-NET shape" manufacturing integration, without preparation and forging blank mold processing, without large and super large forging and casting industry equipment and related facilities;

2) parts with small grain size and composition uniformity and unique compact rapid solidification, excellent mechanical properties;

3) parts of high material utilization (comparable forgings increased more than 5 times), small amount of machining, CNC machining time is short;

4) low cost, short production cycle;

5) technology and simple equipment, processes and short, highly flexible and less "exceptional" rapid reaction capability:

6) you can easily include w, Mo, Nb, Ta and other various refractory and Ti, Zr and other high activity of metal parts with high performance materials and parts direct "near-NET shape";

7) according to the working conditions and performance requirements, through the flexibility to change local laser melting chemical composition of sedimentary materials, multiple gradient composite material of high performance direct near-NET-shape manufacturing of metal;

8) has a component design with high flexibility and rapid response capacity of the bulk change.