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CNC machining services
Apr 11, 2018


101-prototype’s rapid CNC machining services, milling and turning, accommodate a wide range of production-grade materials. Tight tolerances, excellent dimensional accuracy, superior finishing—FATHOM offers a bridge-to-production solution that results in top quality rapid prototypes and low-volume production parts.

Focused on accelerating and enhancing the product development process, 101-prototype innovatively integrates CNC machining into the design cycle so your concept gets to market faster and more efficiently.

Stainless Steel1-1000+/-  0.10 mmHigh strengthStandard  machined finish
High corrosion resistanceTumbled
High weldabilityBead blasted (sand or glass)
Low Carbon Steel1-1000+/-  0.10 mmCommon steelPolished
High machinability and weldability
Can be hardened
Not corrosion resistant
Aluminum1-1000+/-  0.10 mmHigh strength, low weight
High machinability
Low cost
Brass1-1000+/-  0.10 mmCorrosion and chemical resistant
High density and strength
HDPE1-100+/-  0.10 mmMedium impact strengthStandard  machined finish
Flexible (Shore D70)Tumbled
FDA compliantFlame or vapor polished (acrylic  only)
No water absorbsion
PC1-100+/-  0.10 mmMedium tensile and high impact  strength
Maintains properties over range of temperatures
High optical clarity (clear)
ABS1-100+/-  0.10 mmMedium tensile and high impact  strength
Electrical insulator
High machinability
Low cost
Acrylic1-100+/-  0.10 mmHigh tensile strength
Can be polished for high optical clarity
Nylon 6/61-100+/-  0.10 mmHigh tensile and medium impact  strength
Maintains properties over range of temperatures
Acetal (Delrin®)1-100+/-  0.10 mmMedium tensile and medium impact  strength
Holds machining tolerances well
Good wear and fatigue resistance
ULTEM®1-100+/-  0.10 mmHigh tensile strength
High working temperature range (335°F)
Electrical insulator
High optical clarity (clear)


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