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Model making materials
Mar 14, 2017

Reality life in the, manual making model with to of material has following several: ABS Board, and wood (triad Board,), and sludge, and polyethylene (resin and said FRP), and bubble,, which ABS Board of using more general, processing up also relative simple, zhiqian everyone see of model exhibition in the most is this material making of, ABS is a integrated performance good of resin, in hot into type aspects occupies more advantage, and surface finish good, compared easy painting and decorative, deeply model making who of welcomes, Note is a plate in plastic when heated should be well-distributed, appropriate temperatures, too much easy to die crushed, too low not easy molding, a process that requires patience test, can be mastered.

Addition a common of material is sludge, General of model with building sludge on can has, other specifications of relative price too high not recommended using, need note of is, sludge has minor of toxicity, heating using Shi note ventilation, heating tool preferred oven, heating uniform, hair dryer can auxiliary repair type using, not for do General block of heating tool, sludge price more your, should not be large using.

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