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3D Printer Technology Breakthroughs
Mar 14, 2017

3D printer is fast forming technology of a application machine, while it is a digital model file for based, and can using powder-like metal or plastic, can bonded material, while is can through by layer print of way to structure objects of technology, in yiqian this equipment usually is in mold manufacturing, also has is in industrial design, field was for manufacturing model, to has now are gradually for some products of directly manufacturing, this also while on means with this items technology is universal.

This equipment in technology of application aspects has has is big of breakthrough, probably is in technology aspects of innovation breakthrough, first is this 3D print application field to extended extends; also has is this 3D print equipment of speed, also has size and application of technology changing; also has is in color gorgeous form also more of realistic, and this design platform also in has been constantly of innovation these are is it of breakthrough, that regardless of is is that industry are should constantly of innovation, constantly to breakthrough original of based.