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Advantages And Disadvantages Of UV
Mar 14, 2017

1) high hardness. The highest hardness up to 5~6H;

2), fast curing, high production efficiency, by UV curing, 30 minutes to cure.

3) coating performance coating hardness, wear resistance, resistance to acid and alkali, salt spray, resistance to solvent such as gasoline all aspects of performance indicators are very high; especially the plump, gloss of paint film is particularly prominent.

4) UV lacquer UV curing technology used in cream painted without pollution, is recognized as a green environmental protection product.

5) UV coatings are sensitive to dust, which is strict with construction environment.

6) prone to burst during the spraying process.

7) do not prevent the Sun, in the sunlight easily.

8) long yellow, therefore, product appearance required when white, generally do not use UV light.

9) is more expensive, for coating pretreatment requirements are very high.