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Analysis Of Four Types Of Operation Type Of Chinese Automobile Car Prototype Manufacturer
Jul 19, 2017

Analysis of four types of operation type of Chinese automobile Car Prototype manufacturer

There are four main types of enterprises: contract type, semi-contract type, self-produced type, individual family type.

1. Contracting type:

Contracting type Car Prototype is huangyan do one of the most primitive, that is some Car Prototype manufacturer received orders first, and then to make Car Prototype master quotation, let them fully in charge of the pay Car Prototype manufacturing. From receiving the order to the Car Prototype of the car, the manufacturer will not participate in the manufacturing process of the Car Prototype of the car. Unless the customer wants to change the Car Prototype of the car, the manufacturer will negotiate with the manufacturer. The manufacturer will only be responsible for the final product inspection process of the Car Prototype and the Car Prototype inspection before the Car Prototype of the car.

The disadvantages of Car Prototype of such car: the extension of the processing cycle of the Car Prototype of the car, the reduction of the Car Prototype life of the car, the quality and the precision cannot be guaranteed. But it's easy for businesses to manage.

Caused the main reason is because the Car Prototype manufacturer to get a good profit on Car Prototype, so give maker price pressure is too low, and the maker in order to get higher profit only in Car Prototype cost is reduced, to reduce costs is the processing time of a Car Prototype for the car at the same time, the machining accuracy, material selection of... There's no guarantee. This is why the Car Prototype of the yellow rock automobile industry is the main reason for the low - grade Car Prototype.

2. Semi-contracting type:

Because some of the Car Prototype factory has not reached a certain scale, after receiving the order, because of its own processing equipment cannot provide the automobile Car Prototype processing. So the Car Prototype manufacturing process part of the cost of raw materials or processing fee is provided by the manufacturer first, manufacturers will provide Car Prototype structure drawing or 3 d data, then do the Car Prototype car division pay offer. In the manufacturing process, the manufacturer will also keep track of the progress of the Car Prototype of the car from time to time. After the Car Prototype of the car, the inspection of the product inspection and the Car Prototype of the car will be inspected. This method is slightly superior to the above, but it also has its disadvantages. The Car Prototype of huangyan automobile is also based on this type.

The advantage of Car Prototype of such car: it can guarantee the processing progress of the Car Prototype of the car, and the life of the Car Prototype can meet the customer's requirement. Mainly because in the process of doing Car Prototype Car Prototype who don't have to worry about making cars to save the problem of material or tooling cost as long as considering the Car Prototype processing time on the adjustment, quality assurance. Plus the supervision of the Car Prototype...

Disadvantages: the accuracy and quality often fail to meet the customer's requirement. Because the manufacturer has failed to provide the good equipment, some machining can only on the outside, and outside processing too pursuit of speed, so the machining precision and quality have ignored for the car behind prototyping will bring some unnecessary trouble. Although the Car Prototype of such a car is also easy to manage, it is not unusual for the huangyan to be managed by a company.

3. Self-produced type:

Such is the car to have a certain scale Car Prototype manufacturer, they have a complete Car Prototype manufacturing equipment, complete ability to sell, the design of the Car Prototype from the car to the Car Prototype manufacturing complete, and Car Prototype shipment all solution in the factory. Therefore, the life, precision and quality of the Car Prototype can be guaranteed regardless of the automobile Car Prototype manufacturing cycle.

At present, such enterprises are very rare in huangyan, and are also quite high from the price of Car Prototype. So the client is also a few domestic large enterprises or foreign famous enterprises.

4. Individual family size:

In addition to the above several car prototyping type, in huangyan and another type, they are not through the bus Car Prototype manufacturer directly to Car Prototype, but soho oneself have a benefit is the Car Prototype of this type price is cheaper, time can ensure that quality is the same as half a contract type. But there is no security for customers. It's usually done by acquaintances.