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Analysis On The Development Of Robot Prototype Market
Sep 21, 2017

Analysis on the Development of Robot Prototype Market
  Robot Prototype, referred to as Robot Prototype, refers to the robot in full accordance with the robot type, structure, color and interior components to reduce the proportion of the same after the simulation products. The prototype of the robot dates back to the United States of 1914. In 1914, as a novel marketing tool, the US Ford robot factory in its T series sedan when the launch of the robot, produced a reduced proportion of the simulation robot as a gift presented to the purchase of the robot customers. This move, ask for an endless stream of buyers, small and exquisite Robot Prototype by the unprecedented pursuit. As a result, other robot manufacturers have also found the sales opportunities, have to follow suit, scrambling to launch their own small model of the robot, so that the Robot Prototype production and development gradually grow.
Today, robotic prototypes have become part of the robotics industry, and manufacturers of prototype robots have also changed from robot manufacturers to specialized companies that produce robotics. They produce different types, styles, colors and different proportions of simulation robots To meet the different needs of the market. These exquisite simulation robots, but also have a number of loyal "fans", which also set up a Robot Prototype shop to bring business opportunities. Love robot family team is also rapidly expanding, the robot fans from tens of thousands of people to more than 200 million people, is still 10% annual rate of increase, and to small and medium cities and inland expansion. In contrast, the Robot Prototype industry is slow to develop, the provinces and cities of the Robot Prototype stores less than 100 (Hong Kong large and small Robot Prototype shop there are more than 100), and distributed in a small number of cities, most cities, counties "Blankly".
 With the understanding of the Robot Prototype to enhance the investment, the collection of Robot Prototype market is heating up. Gift companies to the Robot Prototype as a fashion gift business, the family of Robot Prototype as a rare collection and enjoy the aristocratic jewelry collection or display, the robot manufacturers to Robot Prototype as a promotional advertising. A few years ago, CA770TJ red flag Robot Prototype, priced at 2000 ~ 3000 yuan, is now up to 6000-8000 yuan, and the price of goods. In Germany, an auction, a rare prototype of the robot to 600,000 mark price auction transactions, according to the exchange rate at the time equivalent to more than 260 million yuan. At present, some of the early factory-made Robot Prototype and limited edition Robot Prototype worth doubling, often there is no market or a robot hard to find. Instructor analysis: investment Robot Prototype collection rate of return and appreciation of space, has been far greater than stamps and coins and other traditional collections.
   The potential for future Robot Prototype markets is immeasurable.
 Crystal model is a kind of craft gift, in the market is also widely used, crystal, but a fragile material, if the protection is not easy to occur problems. Today, good Robot Prototype manufacturers and share with you how to prototype crystal robot routine maintenance.
     Maintenance of crystal Robot Prototype to pay attention to what: crystal texture is more brittle, so it is strictly prohibited weight, beat, etc. At the same time high temperature, strong alkali, strong acid and other adverse environment will cause great damage to the crystal; if you want to move crystal products, On the soft cotton gloves, or thoroughly wash the hand. This can avoid the hands of the oil stains contaminated collection.In addition, many people move crystal trophy gift, will seize the top of the crystal ornaments or epitaxial parts, but do so It is easy to lead to fragile parts of the break, so it should be avoided; if found on the crystal collection of dust, the general feather brush will give the crystal to leave a thin scratches, a long time will lead to crystal translucent effect.