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And We Have To Look At The Car Prototype Surface Paint Is Blistering
Oct 23, 2017

And we have to look at the Car Prototype surface paint is blistering
For high simulation Car Prototype in terms of production accuracy directly determines the product grade and price. So what is the usual precision of my production?
1, the overall shape
Car Prototype shape, interior and real car similarity.
2, Car Prototype paint
Car Prototype surface paint if luster, paint color uniform. Doors, body, car cover, mirror and other parts can not see the color difference can be judged as high-end products. Because the high simulation of the Car Prototype parts are mostly painted separately, and plastic parts and metal parts in the painting process are not the same, it is easy to cause color, so from the Car Prototype spray can be judged on each car The level of the prototype.
And we have to look at the Car Prototype surface paint is blistering. There are impurities, noise and other defects. Because many low-end Car Prototype because of taking into account the cost, not the use of classic spray, easy to produce corrugated in the Car Prototype surface.
3, Car Prototype details
Including the door, interior, lights, parts of the smooth round and so on.
4, Car Prototype parts
Not familiar with high simulation Car Prototype friends may only single feel the number of parts of the Car Prototype to determine the number of Car Prototype, but this idea is too one-sided. We should be from the details of the parts to determine, such as the lamp is not plexiglass, turn the lamp is not painted or glass, the logo is stickers or paint or metal etching to do, these are to determine the Car Prototype Details of the number of parts. There is a handle is not done alone.
We all know that the larger the size of the Car Prototype, the greater the available space, the Car Prototype will often do more fine, on the contrary, the smaller the Car Prototype size, you can open and close, turn the details of the less The Car Prototype, including the size of the toy car, the proportion is usually in accordance with the market for the details of the model to determine the degree of demand, the industry commonly used Car Prototype ratio is usually relatively large, full-size, 1: 4,1: 5 model The main purpose of these models is to design and manufacture cars, or to simulate some of the actual use of the situation.
For people to collect, to play the Car Prototype size is usually not large, before the World War II European car and Car Prototype generally follow the prototype of the prototype fire car, that is 1:87, the length of 1-2 inches, but the car and train The actual size of the difference is very far, so the 1-2 inch size of the Car Prototype will soon be unable to meet people on the Car Prototype manufacturing fine degree of demand. Subsequently, the ratio of 1:43, the length of 4 inches around the Car Prototype appeared in people's attention, engineering machinery, commercial vehicles are followed 1: 40,1: 50 ratio of production.
Soon, 1: 43 ratio of the Car Prototype because of its small size and excellent production by the European market by the praise, some careful manufacturers also developed a ratio of 1:60, the length of about 3 inches in the Car Prototype, this product is not only suitable for children to catch, but also in the same size of the box to place more products, improve profits, but also a corresponding reduction in transport costs. With the increasing demand for Car Prototype refinement, such as 1: 35, 1: 38 such a larger Car Prototype has been pushed to the market, and was successful.
Nowadays, most of the Car Prototypes we have ever seen are 1: 18, 1: 24, 1: 43, or 1:60, and occasionally we can see 1: 12, 1: 10 this large size Model, the US market, the proportion of Car Prototype and Europe are different, 1: 25 ratio of Car Prototype is the most popular with US consumers.