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Appreciate The Robot Prototype How To Look At The Details
Jul 01, 2017

Appreciate the Robot Prototype how to look at the details
 Appreciate the Robot Prototype, with particular attention to some of the details inside the part. Like the engine part, should be to restore the real car, the real car above the number of models above the car should also have. Some Robot Prototype with the instrument on the English word lines are clearly visible, the tires on the figures and patterns clear, gear on the gear on the stalls have a clear digital display, amazing, put it down, is undoubtedly superior to share. We can from the following aspects to check the details of a Robot Prototype:
        I, the gap. The quality of the product mold directly affects the gap of the model. The general mold is easy to deformation, the number of use is not much. Deformed molds produce large gaps in the product gap, and even damage the lines of the model. Foreign alloy mold precision requirements are high, can be repeated use and remain intact, which makes the production of the model product gap is small and accurate lines. If the hood, the door and the trunk cover and the gap between the body is very small and relatively uniform, the door opening and closing is very smooth model is relatively good; contrary to inferior Robot Prototype gap is large, and some doors open the back door will have some tilt The The combination of the lamp and the body should also be smooth, there should not be any glue or other adhesive residue in the above.
       II, lights and windows. These relate to the quality of the model glass plastic and the level of workmanship. In the high-end model requirements of the window glass plastic to be clear and transparent to see the details of the car interior; and in the design of the lights, all high-end models to be baked to enhance the transparency and reflectivity of the lights, and lights And the body is almost no interval between, seamless.
       III, interior. Robot Prototype of the interior material is also very particular about. Seat made with leather is naturally good, but the cost of production costs are also high; with rubber to do, looks more realistic; if the plastic interior seats, it is more rough. Comparison of comfortable leather seats and hard plastic seats the difference, you will understand the high-end model of rigorous and meticulous. As well as the independent design of the seat belt, dashboard and hand file digital characterization, car carpet velvet, the same is the basic configuration of the high-end model. Sometimes, will be found under the door carved car name and brand, people continue to feel the joy of discovery.
       IV, chassis. Do not ignore the model of the chassis, although the high-end Robot Prototype is also made of plastic parts of the chassis, but still retains the exhaust pipe, transmission rod details, and the lines are accurate, clear print, can not find the flaws of the corner; You can also see the four-wheel shock spring in the direction of the chassis; some high-end models even with the alloy pieces for the chassis, and the brand logo or commemorative edition of the signature are portrayed on the chassis. As for the middle and low of the Robot Prototype often overlooked his chassis design, rough and simple workmanship. In general, the finer Robot Prototype chassis can reflect the real car chassis, including the exhaust pipe and the like the details of the performance should be clear and beautiful. On the contrary, some relatively rough Robot Prototype in the chassis manufacturing is not so pay attention.
       V, engine. This is where the model enthusiasts will be concerned, because the engine is the heart of the car. In the high-end model of the product design of the engine is naturally meticulous, in addition to the shape in strict accordance with the original car engine design, but also to see the logo on the cylinder head. And the circuit, oil, cooling system, intake and exhaust, fans are also independent and meticulous performance; top Robot Prototype on the engine to reproduce more stunning, all used in the original similar materials and not just a single plastic , Let you fully feel the charm of the engine.
       VI, tires and wheels. This is also the most easily overlooked by the details of the fans, in the high-end products, tire and wheel design requirements of excellence. Disc brake, wheel trademark, tire fine lines and other readily available, and some products even use tire materials to produce model tires, and can be replaced to replace.
       VII, Annex. In the high-end Robot Prototype will be accompanied by a car door plastic accessories, and different models have different accessories. For example, some products with spare tire, and some products with the suitcase, all these are in the subtle to bring you surprises, so you admire the high-end model of product quality.