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At Present The Domestic Digital Wear Prototype Purchase Channels
Aug 21, 2017

At present the domestic Digital Wear Prototype purchase channels

  I believe this is the friends are more concerned about the issue, the domestic digital wear and tear prototype of the purchase channels look a lot, but really is not really enough to fly, we purchase the channel problem was repeatedly verified, and specifically consult a domestic Digital Wear Prototype industry veteran, the following is our summary of the current domestic car purchase channels:

Comprehensive store: the current domestic market is the most common, but also the largest category of Digital Wear Prototype shop, usually to operate all kinds of toys, will be used to sell some brands of Digital Wear Prototype, the type of goods, supply more complex.

Digital Wear Prototype shop: the most formal channels, the quality of the most affordable Digital Wear Prototype dealers, the current real sense of the formal digital wear and tear of the prototype shop is very small, take Beijing, the rough calculation of only 12 really take regular Channel Digital Wear Prototype shop. Digital Wear Prototype shop sales model from the supply to the quality can be reassuring, it is precisely because the channel is formal, this type of digital wear and tear the prototype price is generally high.

Network shop: the most extensive coverage, the most cohabitation of a class of Digital Wear Prototype shop, the sale of goods supply, uneven quality, rat goods, tail goods everywhere. It is recommended that you buy online Digital Wear Prototype when asked whether the store has the brand of Digital Wear Prototype genuine packaging.

This problem would like to use a few simple words, a few pictures that is almost impossible to clear, so today we will first Digital Wear Prototype how to play the problem simply to talk to you, more detailed content we will be in the future Practical model, consult a professional after making a more professional, in-depth article.

Speaking of how to play Digital Wear Prototype, you need to first clear with a thing, Digital Wear Prototype is usually true, precision reduction of real car crafts, and the conventional sense of the toy car is very different, Digital Wear Prototype play, Important, but also the most basic principle is to try not to wear digital prototype as a toy, but everyone for the Digital Wear Prototype of the different understanding, where we are only on the collection, play Digital Wear Prototypes made useful suggestions. We refer to the Han Dynasty ancient Tibetan travel class grading system, the current domestic play Digital Wear Prototype of the crowd also carried out a level of division, welcome to condemnation:

Level: the top of the big NB: take Digital Wear Prototypes when the life, all the time without a moment in the study, as long as the new products have to fight the fight, the Digital Wear Prototype from the authorized, open production to the whole industry door clear, this People are generally not rich family of hardcore lovers is the prototype of the digital wear.

Level 2: Big NB: work, life and Digital Wear Prototypes are inseparable, the home of the whole wall of the showcase, into the box of inventory is necessary, nothing to love the Digital Wear Prototype all split parts of the play, but also According to their own preferences on the Digital Wear Prototype modified.

Three: NB: home there are several Digital Wear Prototype of the showcase, the hands of a lot of hands to get the inventory, chat with him you can get more than N Digital Wear Prototype, car culture knowledge, and finally have To a sentence, in fact, I miss the most or American muscle car rampant that period of gold years.

Four: can also: to their own work, life as the focus, but at the same time on the Digital Wear Prototype, car culture is very fond of buying Digital Wear Prototype is generally pure display, a fine showcase, know some routine maintenance and maintenance of digital Wear the prototype of the knowledge, trustee high price to buy a limited edition can be happy for two weeks.

Five level: the public level: have their own rich life, work content, like the Digital Wear Prototype, but also just stay in the favorite stage, not too much time, energy on the prototype of digital wear, buy Digital Wear Prototype more Or for the simple like and appreciate.

Six: basically no contact: know what is the Digital Wear Prototype, the interest of Digital Wear Prototype is only in appreciation, no time, energy to study.

Seven: do not understand: that Digital Wear Prototype is equivalent to toys, feel good in the window look good.

Eight: can not communicate: a chat Digital Wear Prototypes asked how many measurements ...