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Based On LabVIEW Rapid Construction Of Medical Equipment Prototype
May 31, 2017

Medical Equipment Prototype Based on LabVIEW rapid construction of medical equipment prototype The 21st century is the life and health of the century, the rapid progress of life science has been promoting the human health and disease awareness, how to develop innovative medical electronic equipment has become one of the hot spots.

  Medical equipment research covers a wide range of engineering research areas, such as electronics, computer, information processing, optical, precision machinery and so on. With the development of medicine, the diversification of treatment methods and related engineering technology continues to progress, medical electronic equipment is becoming increasingly complex. General large medical equipment consists of multiple subsystems, the need to integrate a variety of sensors, mechanical components, electronic components, such as FPGA or microprocessor, but also related to a variety of professional bus and protocol, the development cycle is quite long, may need 2 years to 3 years or even longer. So, how to shorten the entire medical electronic equipment system development time, improve the degree of innovation has become the occupation of the market elements.

  For some small companies, how to compete from the fierce competition in the market and come to the fore is very difficult things. Their core technical staff may be experts in the field of biomedicine, mastered a certain degree of patent or research results, but how the team staff is very limited circumstances, the rapid patent or research results into products, and to ensure product reliability And stability is a big difficulty. So in the highly competitive medical electronics market, to achieve rapid prototyping is the key. From another point of view, for universities, research institutes or corporate R & D institutions, they must focus on the future, there is a certain forward-looking and innovative equipment research and development, so this part of the R & D personnel need to focus on how quickly To verify the results of some algorithms or theoretical research, and further build the actual system until the product, so that their own research projects or patent industrialization, access to more support to enter a virtuous circle.

  Medical Equipment Prototype To sum up, for the medical electronics equipment developers, the system itself in the electronics, machinery, sensors and other aspects of the complexity and market competition needs, so how to quickly prototype the research results and product into a leading The key to the market.

  Build a prototype system quickly through a unified platform

  System development can be divided into design, prototype verification, release three stages. The design phase is mainly for the product itself and the algorithms involved in the concept, the prototype verification is the feasibility of the design to verify or evaluate the release is the final product. The main task of the design phase is by the development team in biomedical, signal processing, image processing experts or R & D personnel using text and mathematical tools for algorithm or system design. The main task of the prototype verification phase is to implement the design algorithm and verify and evaluate on a certain hardware platform to further adjust the algorithm, which is usually developed by embedded system developers with electronic engineering backgrounds, such as VxWorks, QNX, Linux, etc. Embedded operating system to be completed, they use the software tools and hardware platforms are directly related, such as CCS, VHDL, VDSP + + and so on. In general, these two stages of development and development platform are different, so the prototype stage of the developer must be seamlessly to the design phase of the results to be absorbed and converted, if the system needs to be amended or the algorithm design some errors, Will lead to a lot of revision of the prototype stage of work or even rework. Therefore, the whole system development is a cyclical process.

  Medical Equipment Prototype In order to reduce the number of cycles between these two stages, many development teams have taken the two sides close to each other, requiring front-end algorithm designers on the hardware and the underlying programming have a certain understanding, and the back-end embedded system developers also need to have A certain biomedical background. This method can make the communication between the two stages better, but the requirements of the developer is high, and the lack of systematic, with the medical electronics system is increasingly complex, can not fundamentally solve the problem.