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Car Prototype Color Look Character
Aug 10, 2017

Car Prototype color look character
Simulation of Car Prototype so many people fascinated by an important reason is that the world famous Car Prototype manufacturers can often produce the same as the original car with a variety of color colors! So the choice of Car Prototype in the market when the choice of body color not only reflects our preferences, it will also show our personal character.
• red
If you buy a Car Prototype to choose the warm red, then you represent the masculine, stimulating, dangerous. People who love red are energetic actionists. No matter how much effort or cost to meet their curiosity and desire to meet their own. You are full of spiritual attitudes that will infect your friends around you.
• Green
If you like the green body of the Car Prototype is basically a pursuit of peace. But are afraid of being alone, like the life of the group. And so you are good at keeping a good relationship with the people around you, always giving a warm impression.
• Pink
Now more and more Car Prototype manufacturers introduced a pink series of high simulation Car Prototype. And this series of Car Prototype will be presented as a gift to female friends, because it is like fantasy, looking forward to romantic, tender and sweet representative.
• Yellow
If you choose yellow it represents a high degree of creativity and curiosity. Concerned about the social problems more than the immediate problems, like the pursuit of lofty ideals, especially keen on social movement.
• Black
Choose the Car Prototype to black-based color even if the appearance of slovenly, looks very stable, elegant, noble. In the eyes of others, you on their own future or make good planning and efforts.
When we get a dream long Car Prototype, probably each of us have a want to through the forum, microblogging with others to share this joy! So in the Car Prototype of the shooting process, how do we make a small proportion of the model to shoot the feeling of real car? How to express the car on the prototype of a seductive detail?
      In fact, Car Prototype shooting is divided into indoor shooting and outdoor shooting, indoor and outdoor shooting has an important not to go that is the idea. The idea can be said to be the most important stage of car photography and even photography. And the contents of the idea include the works of photography mainly want to express what, what kind of light, what kind of angle and atmosphere of the most straightforward to show our thinking.
About Car Prototype indoor shooting
      Indoor shooting is the most important way to choose the way, we can use a lower cost to simulate the production of similar real car studio lighting effect. Usually 2-3 ordinary light has been enough to achieve, but need to pay attention to the location and brightness of the soft light need to be based on the different shapes of Car Prototype for real-time adjustment. Repeatedly practice, try constantly, I believe you will soon be able to get surprising Car Prototype studio works.
About Car Prototype outdoor shooting
      Outdoor shooting we need to know how to use natural light. Generally speaking, shooting in the early morning or evening is better, because the low angle of the lighting effect can make the body surface light and dark relationship effect is very strong. Therefore, it is recommended that conditions permit, try to choose early morning and evening shooting. And then looked around to find a number of ways to express their own feelings. If the economic conditions permit, you can use SLR camera to shoot. The main reason is not because the SLR optical system and CMOS imaging quality is higher, more importantly, its complete function can bring people more arbitrary control, which is our achievements in a wonderful picture of the necessary factors. The current entry SLR kit for example: Nikon D3000 kit price has been within 4000RMB, the general Car Prototype of the film is already enough.