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Car Prototype Is The Car Manufacturers In The Development Of New Products In The Trial Production Of The Sample Car
May 31, 2017

Car Prototype Car prototype is the car manufacturers in the development of new products in the trial production of the sample car, mainly for the new product evaluation and performance testing. Found the prototype of the car and make changes, and then try a new round of the prototype. Generally to several rounds of prototype car trial and test, new products can be stereotypes put into production

  Car prototype is for production and sales of trial and production, therefore, it is different from the concept car, you must consider the possibility of production models and the level of cost. Car prototype in the new car production and sales before the manufacturers are strict confidentiality, to prevent competitors to steal their technical secrets. In general, the prototype of the prototype and technical performance parameters are "top secret", even the company's internal staff have no right to see and intervene. Car prototype in a few rounds of trial production, testing, the final stereotypes put into operation, the general will be a considerable change, so the car prototype and put into operation of the new car there are many differences. The prototype began to trial only a few cars, but to the stereotypes stage, at least 6 or more trial, and sometimes even dozens of vehicles.

  Fundamental contents

  Car Prototype Prototype test, in the process of development referred to as TTO. Generally in the development process will occupy 3 months time for the latter part of the product and tooling debugging to lay a very solid foundation for product development process is a sign of stage victory.

  main purpose

  Reveal the product in the design and process some of the defects, find the problem, and the problem of closed-loop control, the problem solved thoroughly.

  Main principles

  Strictly abide by the technical conditions of design and technology, find the problem in a timely manner, through the relevant personnel, the problem of recording and preservation.

  Main process

  The establishment of the relevant trial team, is a synchronous project in an important part. The main members include: technology, technology, tooling, aftermarket. Project management. The Supporting, led by the project management staff, the establishment of horizontal functional groups, the establishment of trial production project task book, the responsibility to refine into, a clear division of labor, the responsibility to implement the people.

  The main work

  (1) Preparation of parts.

  Car Prototype According to the progress of the mold, the arrangement of the parts can be used, handmade parts, to provide extension pieces, rapid prototyping parts, to complete the preparation of hand parts for the reinforcement plate, the installation of nut plate, , With the drawing pieces, the basic for the mold cycle longer outer plate, side Wai, the floor. Such as Class A, or a few Class B pieces. Rapid prototyping is basically front and rear headlights, front and rear bars and other internal and external accessories.

  (2) preparation of tooling

  Floor welding tooling, the main chassis hard points of the pin, enough base system, and the tightening device to the composition, you can weld the front and rear flooring, the entire stringer, beam structure, you can have the function of welding vehicle side of the tooling, the main A locating pin with a side dug point, a sufficient base system, and a tightening device. B, C-pillar assembly, and side-side assembly

  (3) assembly

  Assembly according to process requirements