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Car Prototype Play A Role In Car Life
Sep 12, 2017

Car Prototype play a role in car life
When approaching a car, it is first attracted to its appearance. How did the different faces evolve? For this question, the Car Prototype customization expert explains it for us.
The cars that were first produced by the car makers were covered in awning, but the engine was powered by horses. Later, the hood was changed into a box, and the body was rectangular. People called it a box. Ford model T, which was mass-produced in the early 20th century, was a kind of box car, which laid the basic shape for car development. As the speed of the car increases, the wind resistance problem refers to the design schedule, especially the speed small car. There are two main ways to reduce wind resistance, reduce the windward surface and adopt streamline shape. Lower height can effectively reduce the windward area, we know that as a carry tool, reduced windward area is finite, a known as the "wedge" high speed car is the highest in reduce windward area, but the wedge carrier space is very small, much as a racing car.
Streamlining reduces the flow of air flowing through the body, thus reducing drag. They test the Car Prototype. The typical representative is the "beetle", produced by the German carmaker Volkswagen. People want to be streamlined, but streamline is not the ideal shape for a car. People often use a streamlined variety of forms, such as slanting, fish, and dripping... Or some combination of them.
So streamlining is not a specific model. Streamlining is the ideal shape for air to flow through without creating a vortex. The highest boundary of the streamlined application is the wing of the aircraft. The beetles, fish, wedge, drip type has a different degree of aerodynamic characteristics, but as to transport as the main purpose of road transport, absolute streamline is unrealistic. Streamline also has its maladies, which is the high speed driving will produce lift, affecting driving stability. To overcome this, the designer also has to install a guide board and spoiler on the car.
Any shape? If wind resistance is not taken into account, will it be possible to create cars of all shapes and sizes as they like? The automobile prototype manufacturer plays a decisive role in automobile production. The main functions of the car are big guys, engine, transmission, and steering. It's everywhere. If there is a light and efficient energy, if you can use a line a button instead of mechanical transmission parts, if all the components into modules and through the generic interface to connect, if all of these technologies are already practical, you and my dream can realize.
Today, the Car Prototype, which is a Car Prototype, has been shown at the 2012 north American auto show. The central position of the chassis has a standard access port, and all the in-car systems can be connected to the chassis simply and quickly. The chassis and the body can be assembled according to the customers' own wishes. Today it is a "concept car" and tomorrow it will probably be a commercial car.
However, if you are interested in the Car Prototype, the sea will be able to satisfy your desire to enjoy a multi-Car Prototype. Maserati, lamborghini, ferrari, BMW and other models of sports cars, all are gold and high imitation models, fine workmanship, collection, decoration, gifts are the best choice. Recently, many netizens left a message to ask about the maintenance of the Car Prototype, today, we gave a summary.
The Car Prototype has high ornamental value and decorative effect. It is made of high grade metal materials and plastic. First of all, lacquer face must wax frequently. General Car Prototype is put in two to three months, will be to maintain, paint with general car wax can, every time wax, wax cannot too much, and should pay attention to the gap models, wax will not drop into the gap.
Next, when placing, careful dust, should cover an organic glass cover, prevent dust enters. If you put it in the display cabinet and want to create a better atmosphere, you can use some light in the display cabinet. But be sure to put a small cup of water in the display cabinet, because the light of the light that shoots lamp is relatively high, can let the lacquer face of Car Prototype dry crack, put a cup of water, can maintain the humidity in the cabinet.
Moreover, the Car Prototype is afraid of wet, the sun. After the rain and snow day, want to open the box and ventilation and dry, but don't exposure in the sun or dry with hair dryer, so easy to make the paint and metal body separation, shorten model to save time.