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Care About Your Digital Wear Prototype
Oct 23, 2017

Care about your Digital Wear Prototype
A exquisite digital Wear Prototype from the Digital Wear Prototype factory ex-factory price will not be low, digital fans from the market to buy the price will be higher, for a boutique model, we certainly put it down, then the daily maintenance needs Your attention. Do not know if you understand Digital Wear Prototype production process, other Digital Wear Prototype and true digital production process there are many similarities, then we can also start from this maintenance, to maintain digital body gloss and to prevent oxidation, the following Tips for Digital Wear Prototype
1. So expensive models are bought, maintenance does not have to be too low-key, you can directly buy the model dedicated box, moisture and dust, but also their own assembly, a word easy to use!
2. The digital body or chassis on the combination of parts, regular oil, you can maintain Digital Wear Prototype type of lubrication, which is the basic means of anti-rust.
3. Did not you use the model digital digital wax? Then you OUT, and quickly to your Digital Wear Prototype wax polishing it, once a year, who used to shine.
4. Even if the maintenance, Digital Wear Prototype is also a useful life, for the natural aging of tires and plating parts, we can use a clean velvet on the plating pieces to wipe, and then change the tire force point, which can effectively extend its life The
At present, the more common digital modeling design process, digital modeling production (especially the sludge model production) has become an integral part. Digital Wear Prototype production is the digital plane sketch three-dimensional process. It provides a three-dimensional digital form, on this basis, to determine the program or further scrutiny is relatively easy, in the model production stage has a lot of production methods to choose from, and select the oil Digital Wear Prototype production as the preferred by the digital The particularity of the design and the characteristics of the sludge itself.
First of all, the digital shape is relatively complex, it is composed of many smooth surface combination, which requires a flexible generation of a variety of surface production methods. Compared to other methods, sludge can be easily cut into any shape, very suitable for the performance of digital surface.
Second, digital appearance design often have a repeated process, to repeat the digital Wear Prototype scrutiny, which requires Digital Wear Prototype itself has plasticity. The characteristics of the sludge model just in line with this requirement: and ordinary mud is not the same, the sludge through the heating, the hardness will be quickly reduced, get a very good softness, especially for remodeling; temperature down, the hardness and quickly restored, suitable for Details of the characterization.
This process can also be repeated many times, without affecting the quality of the sludge itself. Again, the digital design of the surface texture of the smooth requirements of high, ordinary mud surface can not achieve that smoothness, and smooth and smooth texture, in line with almost harsh surface requirements. From the production time point of view, oil slurry Digital Wear Prototype is also a relatively fast one. Therefore, it naturally become the current digital modeling design of the main model production means.
If you find Digital Wear Prototype "glass" on the scratches, do not be nervous, very good to get, professional model stores have a called "grinding paste" material, like toothpaste, Digital Wear Prototype "glass" Marks are usually relatively shallow, buy a tube of the largest number (grinding the number of grinding the greater the number of grinding particles the finer), with medical cotton dipped in a small amount of grinding paste in the scratches part of the ring grinding (not too hard, Waxing the same), scratches after the disappearance of alcohol scrub clean!
If you find Digital Wear Prototype paint marks (fingerprints, moisture) do not use facial tissue wipe, that is a fatal damage to the paint, you can buy suede in the mall, too big can be divided into small pieces of 10X10 cm , Imprints are more stubborn when appropriate dipped in some medical alcohol wipe, do not use drinking wine, because drinking wine and water in a lot of soluble impurities in the dry will leave a new mark, more harm than good ah!