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China's Security Equipment Prototype Industry Faces Six Grim Reality
Nov 03, 2017

China's Security Equipment Prototype industry faces six grim reality
In recent years, China's Security Equipment Prototype enterprises have been hit by the global financial crisis to varying degrees. Luo Baihui, director of the International Security Equipment Prototype and Plastic Hardware Industry Suppliers Association, pointed out that China's Security Equipment Prototype enterprises must face this grim reality in the face of the current difficulties, calmly and calmly analyze the situation, formulate strategies and readjust the structure. In the future, Production and operation, equipment investment, technological innovation, financing loans and other aspects to make prompt adjustments and take active measures to adapt to the current situation and weather the storm.
1, pay close attention to the industry dynamics, sales situation and policy trends
We must pay close attention to the recent introduction of relevant policies by the country. For example, in recent years, in order to expand domestic demand, improve living standards, stimulate consumption, stimulate production and promote steady and rapid economic growth, the state has invested 15 billion yuan and implemented policy subsidies. In addition, it is also promulgating the "steel and automobile rejuvenation plan" policy nationwide, which undoubtedly will bring good news to the home appliance, steel and automobile industries.
2, forming alliances, professional division of labor, watch help, a total of tide over the storm
Under the current financial crisis, all Security Equipment Prototype companies should strengthen communication and understanding more than ever before, eliminate estrangement, eliminate preconceived notions, increase intra-industry solidarity, and watch for help to tide over the tide. On the basis of mutual trust, enterprises should gradually build an integrity system and strengthen their cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit and gradually form a tactical combination and a strategic alliance. Enterprises can undertake business in the Security Equipment Prototype name of the Union, according to the business situation and their own characteristics, after consultation, professional division of labor. This will not only avoid vicious competition, reduce internal friction and safeguard the interests of enterprises, but also give full play to their respective advantages, so as to avoid weaknesses Security Equipment Prototype. This alliance is also conducive to the integration of resources, sharing, to avoid duplication of investment, reduce investment risks and improve equipment utilization. Of course, some enterprises can also establish a "collaborative processing network" form of cooperation. In addition, if possible, the two sides will merge on a voluntary basis.
3, strengthen information construction, realize the modern management of enterprises
Most of the Security Equipment Prototype enterprises in our country are small and medium-sized enterprises, which have grown up from workshops or family-owned enterprises. So far, there are still many private-owned enterprises that are still workshops and extensive management models. This backward management level and means seriously hamper the development of enterprises and can not adapt to the current arduous market of Security Equipment Prototypes. In particular, under the current severe economic situation, it is necessary to have a rapid response mechanism and adaptability. If there is not a set of Advanced information management system is difficult to achieve. Entrepreneurs should be soberly aware that in today's information age, only through the application of information technology and network technology can help enterprises standardize the management of internal business processes and strengthen the management of suppliers and open up supply channels to minimize production costs and Procurement costs, and constantly improve the modern enterprise management level and operational efficiency, so as to grasp the initiative in the market, to seize the initiative.