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Collection Of Car Prototype Function And Significance
Jul 01, 2017

Collection of Car Prototype function and significance
In the international community has a large number of car enthusiasts collection Car Prototype, the domestic Car Prototype enthusiasts are also increasingly large groups. So why did the steam Car Prototype have such a big charm to attract more and more lovers? Narrowly, the collection of Car Prototype great meaning it
The first is the collection of Car Prototype can help understand the car knowledge. In the case of the Car Prototype itself, because of the true reproduction of the real car, the main structure of the car is shown in a reduced proportion, through the Car Prototype can make the car parts of the strange people gradually understand the appearance of these components and function. On the collection of Car Prototype process, in order to collect Car Prototype, enthusiasts are bound to pay more attention to domestic and international automotive industry information, timely grasp of the dynamic. For the car's brand background, the designer's design style, car development history and other automotive culture will become more and more understanding. I believe that this is the collection car Car Prototype type of the most important significance.
Followed by Car Prototype has a high ornamental value and decorative effect. Exquisite Car Prototype on the home, you can reflect the owner's personality and hobbies, add love for life; on the desk, you can reflect the success of people's taste and vision; on the real car dashboard, and can create a Kind of atmosphere: if the car and the model is the same car, do not have some fun, if the model than the real car, is not reflected in the lovers of the ideal!
Another point is also very important, that is, Car Prototype and other collectibles, as a certain value, value-added features. In particular, the famous factory produced, out of print exquisite Car Prototype, due to the rare and doubled its value. Even an ordinary Car Prototype does not have a significant appreciation in a short period of time, because it will gradually show its value over time.
The world's first prototype of the steam car, began in 1914 in the United States, when its shape for the T-type "Ford" Car Prototype. To 1920, there are "Buick" Car Prototype. After 1935, the brand Car Prototype became a popular goods, so that the value of these Car Prototype in a very long time rose a hundred times, thousands of times. According to the relevant information, in the automotive prototype collection level is very high in Germany, there was a very small amount of the name of the Car Prototype, actually shot a 600,000 mark of the workmanship of the German Louis "VW" and "BMW" Brand cars, have also appeared in the ranks of the Car Prototype. Before World War II, the majority of Car Prototype with metal production, the process is also very simple, the shape is not realistic. From the fifties of the last century, the production of automotive prototype has been a breakthrough in the development of materials are increasingly rich, metal, wood, plastic, alloys, etc. are used, of which the alloy material is the best, Car Prototype housing and chassis. Car Prototype work more and more fine, has become a miniature of the real car. Collection of Car Prototype people gradually increased, some early factory Car Prototype began to pay attention to people; some exquisite workmanship, limited production of cars. In the United States, there was a prototype that sold only a few dollars of iron car, but also made a record of $ 200,000. In the country, the Car Prototype is not a little value-added things, such as Hong Kong produced "MATCHBOX" brand 1:43 classical Car Prototype, in 1991, Chengdu retail price of each sold only seven yuan, and now the market price has reached two (CA770TJ) model (1:24) the whole car in the National Day celebration of the 35th anniversary of the National Day military parade in 1984, when the speed of the value of the vehicle is more than 20 years, There are more than 300 parts, are scaled down, and the use of the latest production process production, limited production of 9999, in each Car Prototype chassis engraved with the number, as the first Chinese manufacturers to produce high-quality model car, Loved by Car Prototype enthusiasts.