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Development Of Medical Equipment Prototype
Jul 01, 2017

Development of Medical Equipment Prototype
Medical uphold the "pursuit of excellence, the benefit of mankind" business philosophy, specializing in the production of Medical Equipment Prototype 10 years. The company as a modern medical education equipment manufacturers, suppliers and service providers as one of the enterprises have achieved a "full range, leading technology, service in place," the primary goal. I focus on the quality of the company, stresses innovation, heavy brand, stresses righteousness, heavy service, stresses integrity, heavy talent, stresses the system of business goals. Actively to the development of modern management enterprises, will work for the medical education of the motherland, for the health and well-being of all mankind to make an outstanding contribution to work together to create a new era of modern medical education!

Medical Equipment Prototype is used to replace the real body for medical research, training and simulation of the simulation. Generally made of plastic, silicone, PVC and other environmentally friendly materials made in recent years continue to introduce advanced foreign technology into China, China and then combined with the domestic market demand began to design and manufacturing. These medical models are generally able to achieve the material soft, feel real, simulate the human skin realistic, the effect of skills to achieve 1: 1, medical model design appearance and touch and reality, can give students a real clinical experience The

In teaching, the use of Medical Equipment Prototype should be arranged in the light enough, students vision, easy to observe the students, practice in the laboratory. Pre-class teachers should be based on the contents of the teaching, according to the number of students to prepare the appropriate number of Medical Equipment Prototype. The medical model and medical records in the medical discipline teaching appropriate and reasonable use, can shorten the students' theoretical knowledge to the clinical knowledge of the distance, so that the abstract theory of knowledge become concrete and visualization. Students in the teaching process will learn interesting, feel the curriculum more vivid, active atmosphere, to stimulate students' thinking, to mobilize students to learn the interest, enthusiasm, so as to improve the quality of teaching.

Medical Equipment Prototype with a high degree of simulation results, for students who are not familiar with the operation even if the operation is wrong, Medical Equipment Prototype will not be wrong and get hurt, allowing each student to operate multiple times, through several training to achieve the correct operation and proficiency , With a strong repeatability, can make medical students in contact with real patients before, can really practice from the practice of these commonly used diagnostic techniques to solve the diagnosis of a teaching problem.