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Different Material And Characteristics Of Car Prototype
Aug 21, 2017

Different Material and Characteristics of Car Prototype

Compared with the relatively simple manufacturing of the real car compared to the material of the Car Prototype can be described as a variety of different model manufacturers in the long process of development due to the fine product quality, quality and production costs and other factors integrated Consider the development of different types, different materials of the Car Prototype, their price is also very different.

Before we talk about the history of Car Prototype development, we have mentioned that the US market prototype of the car to zinc alloy-based, making very simple, the whole car only need a car, four plastic wheels and two axles of the seven Parts can be completed. The same period of time in Europe, the Car Prototype will be more sophisticated and more, it is therefore, the European Car Prototype manufacturing industry has pulled a lot of raw materials, spare parts manufacturing industry development.

At present, we are most contact with the plastic and alloy Car Prototype, alloy Car Prototype is based on the original metal Car Prototype evolution, evolved from the. The original metal Car Prototype to a variety of steel, pipe, sheet metal applications, the use of metal materials from its mechanical properties and production costs need to consider two aspects of metal materials, strength, flexibility, rigidity and impact resistance And other materials have significant differences, which also caused the metal processing need to have cutting, welding, casting, forging and other methods, in fact, the production cost is relatively high, we are now talking about the metal Car Prototype are generally the use of zinc alloy Material made of the Car Prototype.

Compared with other materials, plastic in the automotive prototype, especially in the field of toys more widely used, as many as 50 kinds of plastic varieties, the production of automotive prototype is commonly used in thermoplastic, this plastic contains polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Polystyrene, ABS engineering plastics, plexiglass sheet and foam, etc., PVC heat resistance is low, available compression molding, die-casting molding and other molding methods, ABS engineering plastics melting point is low, available electricity Ovens, electric stoves and other heating, other types of plastic also have their own characteristics. Not only that, the plastic is very stable after molding, not easily deformed, can be preserved for a long time, and because of the weight of plastic Car Prototype, colorful, it has been welcomed by many people. At present, pure plastic material Car Prototype is very small, plastic and alloy material is often used in the plastic alloy model.

There is also a comprehensive material model we often come into contact with, that is, a variety of materials, the process of integrated processing of the Car Prototype, this Car Prototype fine degree is higher, the producers will be based on the actual material for each part of the vehicle to choose the most Close to, or the most able to restore the original appearance of the vehicle to make the material, such as the use of metal body, the use of rubber wheels, windows using plexiglass plate.

In addition to the above categories of large quantities of production, consumers contact a wide range of automotive prototypes, as well as resin, wood, gypsum and other materials of automotive prototype, the industry is generally used clay or sludge model.

Baidu Encyclopedia Car Prototype described as completely in accordance with the shape of the car, structure, color, and even interior parts, strictly reduced in proportion to the proportion of the model. In the eyes of many car enthusiasts, the Car Prototype is the representative of the real car, and we are familiar with the toy car is different from the pursuit of the prototype car and the production of materials on the sophisticated, different materials, Car Prototype in the storage also need to meet different conditions , Many car models also need to be as regular as the real maintenance.