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Digital Wear Prototype Collection - Beauty Enjoyment
Sep 12, 2017

Digital Wear Prototype collection - beauty enjoyment

Most of today's car owners and car owners are eager to have audi, Mercedes, BMW and land rover, but in my mind I want to have a world of digital wear and tear. Digital Wear Prototype can bring infinite joy to my life in its own unique way. The collection of digital wear patterns is becoming a new favorite in the collection world, and it has become a part of my life.

I am a new person in the collection of digital wear and tear, but I can impress and infect everyone around me with a sincere heart in my Digital Wear Prototype collection. Remember when I was graduating from college, walking in the street wear inadvertently found a Digital Wear Prototype shop, I am attracted by the Digital Wear Prototype of wear are ling lang see everywhere in the window, since then I wear like Digital Wear Prototype. I wear the first Digital Wear Prototype is I use pocket money to buy it two months, I will own observation of the model, shape with zinc alloy die-casting molding, spray surface grinding fine lustre, its internal structure, such as engine, instrument panel, seats, wipers, chassis and other fake, see these I fondle admiringly at that time. Everyone at home against my hobby, but I always goes to everyone in my family to explain my understanding of the Digital Wear Prototype of wear and why I can make this small model. Slowly my family was moved by this enthusiasm, and now I am very supportive of my original choice.

The proportion of Digital Wear Prototype wear usually 1:12, 1:18, luxuriously, 1:6 4, and 6, most models in the legendary in history or on behalf of the latest wear classic Digital Wear Prototype based on science and technology. Franklin brand production of various kinds of car, such as: the United States, Japan, Beijing commercial production of BMW, the German original factory production of Mercedes Benz, wear almost every Digital Wear Prototype has a legendary story, different periods of model reflects the history and culture at that time. The Digital Wear Prototype undoubtedly makes my dream of digital culture, knowledge and collection.

Digital Wear Prototype in addition to the appreciation and learning science, historical and cultural knowledge, but also has the special collection value, especially some of the best in the model, such as production of the world's first digital, franklin wood car three giants, domestic red flag inspection car, the liberation of car, etc., have adopted the most advanced manufacturing technology, refined from the simulation, the model due to the collection of historical value, artistic value and commemorative value, thus become to perfect collection to be bestowed favor on newly, the collection value is particularly unusual.

In the process of wear my collection of Digital Wear Prototype, one of the keys is actually studied the digital culture, namely decorate the environment for my family, watching wear all kinds of different shapes, different colors of Digital Wear Prototype, found many cultural value, and their understanding of the digital culture wear with Digital Wear Prototype, deeply felt mini model can reflect the true elegant demeanor.

The Digital Wear Prototype has taken the lead in my family before digital has even entered my family. It is as a fine art in between my elegant room, I deeply feel the power of science and technology, the era of flavor, at least for me to appreciate the value of three: first, historical value, every time I buy a beloved model of commemorative value, I naturally seek to search its historical data such as age, in order to increase the understanding of it, so as to realize its contribution to the history. Wear value, followed by the process of Digital Wear Prototype simulation precision is high, because use zinc alloy as the main raw materials, simple sense is strong, the spare parts as many as 300 pieces, process is more than 500, artistic value. The third is the potential for appreciation. As people become more aware of digital culture, the love of digital wear and tear will also rise, and the popularity of the fans will grow. It is a truth that is in the Tibetan world. Each car model can't unlimited production, especially the parts number more than 300 models, high-quality goods reach a certain amount, manufacturers will seal version production (mold wear is the main factor of production). In particular, the varieties of the limited production and sales, the manufacturers will discontinue production after the production, and never reproduce, to show the rare degree of the model.