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Digital Wear Prototype Is An Important Part Of The Construction Machinery Industry
Aug 10, 2017

Digital Wear Prototype is an important part of the construction machinery industry
Digital Wear Prototype of the Chinese construction machinery industry is an important part of China's equipment manufacturing industry, in China, construction machinery is in the infrastructure construction, railway, road, electricity, water, nuclear power, chemical industry, the town plays an important role in the construction of an important force.
Over the past decade or so, China has achieved rapid development of the construction machinery industry, and the size, product, technology, international, tangible breakthroughs, enhance global competitiveness; even in some parts have entered the world level. In the order, port machinery, excavators, loaders on behalf of products, made in China accounted for more than half of the global market share, has formed a "Chinese school."
In recent years, the global and China's economic restructuring, Digital Wear Prototype China's construction machinery market has declined. Challenges and pressures, industrial upgrading is imminent.
China's construction machinery manufacturing enterprises to bid farewell to the old principles and practices of development, radical change in the critical moment. This point, China's construction machinery industry 11 into the global construction machinery manufacturers 50 mainstream manufacturers - Xugong Group and joint thick sections and 31 set the task, Digital Wear Prototype as well as the river intelligent equipment group and in the face of heavy-duty car company We are convinced that the challenges and difficulties faced by China's construction machinery industry are temporary and we must be confident that we are committed to the development of China's construction machinery industry. , China's construction machinery industry's future development, Digital Wear Prototype the industry is still a bright future, we have the confidence and ability to promote the development of the industry. 2, completely change the development of ideas, development model, the industry must cultivate quality and efficiency as the center of the market and industrial value must shift from past scale to quality. 3, adhere to the innovation-driven development strategy, promote innovation and upgrading of products, technologies, services, and continuously improve the value-added products, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises. 4, to give up low-end competition, focus on the consumer (customer) value for the value of the competition to win the market in order to maintain and establish a healthy, healthy and sustainable industrial development environment. 5, from the low-end industry competition based on the global construction machinery industry giant China power steering model of the construction machinery industry advanced competitive upgrade to promote the value of the model upgrade
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You can choose useful features based on a variety of criteria, such as:
Knowledge of the domain: Based on the experience in this field, Digital Wear Prototype you can select variables that have a greater impact on the target variable.
Visualization: As this name suggests, visualization allows the relationship between variables to be seen, making the selection process easier.
Statistical parameters: We can consider the p value, information values (information values) and other statistical parameters to select the correct parameters.
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