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Digital Wear Prototype Unique Charm And Ornamental Value
Sep 21, 2017

Digital Wear Prototype unique charm and ornamental value
       Digital Wear Prototype is not a toy, Digital Wear Prototype itself is a work of art, used as home decoration, has its unique charm and ornamental value. Every part of the Digital Wear Prototype is very sophisticated, integrated today's advanced design and manufacturing technology, the simulation car is strictly in proportion to all kinds of world famous car manufacturers to reduce the model, lights, chassis, engine, steering wheel and manufacturers Signs and other parts of the imitation was vivid, some of the works even the weight of the car and the engine, the transmission of the operation is also reduced proportionally expressed nothing, is simply a miniature of the real car.
      In the digital wear and tear of the prototype of the most parts of a German CMC original Mercedes-Benz SSKL white elephant, and the total number of parts reached 1885, other models are also more than 1000 parts, we usually see the general digital Wear the number of its parts and components concentrated in the hundreds of small, there are more than 200 parts.
  Because of their individuality, interests are different, even if they are like to collect Digital Wear Prototype of the people, often choose different proportions and different types of Digital Wear Prototype. The beginning of this lovers, it is necessary to give their own collection of content to a position, it will not be in the model shop dazzling array of eyes before the show.
    Personal collection of Digital Wear Prototype is best fixed in a ratio, when their collection reaches a certain number, to see their uniform "team" is a very comfortable feeling, if you are interested, you may also wish to arrange some scenes to Digital Wear Prototypes show. If the proportion of Digital Wear Prototypes different, there are big and small, it will give people a messy feeling. So the proportion of the right for their own? The following good Digital Wear Prototype to analyze a few of the most important standard ratio: 1: 18 model size is relatively large, looks more conspicuous, in his hand is also feeling, and large The size of the details of the description to provide space, in the 1:18 model can see more small parts and more activities can be. In contrast, a small proportion of the model can not be done. From the market point of view, the production of 1:18 Digital Wear Prototype manufacturers are more, from the relatively cheap entry products to expensive boutique have, the choice of room is relatively large. And the 1:18 model is the most closely follow the trend of the world auto industry, often a real car does not take long, 1: 18 model can buy. Of course, 1:18 also has its shortcomings, mainly the size of the model and packaging are large, accounting for large area, to bring some trouble to the collection, the other 1:18 models are mostly common products on the market, very few Limited edition of the treasures, so buy the 1:18 model is more suitable for the main purpose of the player.
   In this paper, a new design method is proposed. According to the model provided, the data are scanned by the three-dimensional scanning instrument, and the data model is used to repair the small-scale wear and tear. Data model, import Geomagic Dcsign X 64 software for reverse modeling, import NX software for processing simulation and post-processing manufacturing, to achieve the physical model design, while verifying the design of the correctness of the design part of the most critical is to scan the data Collection, reverse modeling accuracy, resulting in processing tool path, and processing simulation.
      The reverse design is usually based on the original design of the product produced by the original model or the existing product to be improved by creating a problem model for direct modification, experiment and analysis to obtain the relative ideal results, and then according to the revised Digital Wear Prototypes or samples by scanning and modeling and a series of methods to get the final three-dimensional model. Reverse design of the general process: product sample, data acquisition, data processing, CAD / CAE / CAM system, model reconstruction, manufacturing systems, new products.