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History Of Industrial Prototype
Jun 15, 2017

History of Industrial Prototype

In 1927, General Motors applied sludge to the automobile design and development model. In 1955, Japan first used industrial sludge to design and develop industrial prototype. Our country began to apply this technology in the early 1970s. Industrial Prototype are formed in the early 80s, the current staff of about 1,000 people, more than 20 provinces in the country more than 100 car manufacturers.

The industrial prototype is a bridge between the designer and the engineer, and no bridge design will be possible. As the car body design program to go through the car renderings, small scale model production, 1: 1 model production, model data collection, repair line repair, structural design and other design process, so the level of industrial prototype workers will directly affect the level of automotive products Development progress and quality. A 1: 1 car oil sludge model requires four people at the same time production, production cycle of 3-4 months, 1: 1 interior model requires two people at the same time production, production cycle for 2-3 months, a small proportion of the model production cycle 2 months. The general scale of the automobile production enterprises can develop two or more new products a year.

       In Europe and the United States, Industrial Prototype can be trained in specialized vocational training institutions, and some vocational training schools in Japan have set up professional courses for Industrial Prototype. There is no specialized domestic industrial prototype vocational training schools, Industrial Prototype are the car factory itself to train their own skilled workers. Some conditional car factories, such as the liberation of the car company, Dongfeng Motor Company can only be the factory's industrial prototype workers to foreign training, or through foreign agents to organize professional training courses to improve the technical level. For example, Japan's industrial prototype workers in China held an annual industrial prototype training course in Shanghai, training a large number of industrial prototype workers for domestic car manufacturers. On the one hand, enterprises can not cultivate talents in large quantities, leading to the shortage of industrial prototype workers, making a lot of domestic automobile manufacturers without independent product development capabilities; the other hand, the domestic Industrial Prototype and foreign Industrial Prototype Technical level compared to a large gap, thus limiting the development of China's industrial prototype.

The industrial prototype is the pillar industry in the national economy. The development of the industrial prototype is directly related to the growth of the national economy. The automobile sludge model is the basis of the design and development of the independent automobile product. The automobile sludge model is the automobile sludge model in the automobile product development process Production of essential types of work, it is different from the automotive industry and other types of work is that it is cross-industry, multi-type, multi-skilled comprehensive embodiment of science and technology and art is the perfect combination.

 At present, the domestic automobile factory model workers do not have a unified set of standards, seriously hindered with independent intellectual property rights of automotive product design and development work, in order to better develop with independent intellectual property rights of automotive products, faster, better It is necessary to cultivate the model workers of the domestic automobile factories. The promulgation of the occupational standards of the industrial prototype countries will fill the gaps in the domestic automobile industry so as to speed up the internationalization and professional development of China's industrial archetypes and promote the national economy. Further growth.