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How Medical Equipment Prototype Is Used In Teaching
Aug 01, 2017

How Medical Equipment Prototype is used in teaching

       Medical Equipment Prototype is used for normal care operation or participate in nursing study, internship of a medical Medical Equipment Prototype. The development of human care in the nursing profession to promote the advent of Medical Equipment Prototype, nursing Medical Equipment Prototype in the medical position has gradually entered the people's eyes. The persistence of human lifestyles has led to a number of medical care and first aid measures that are difficult to deal with, so that medical practitioners must have the necessary care and first aid skills and awareness.
Improve the practice of clinical skills training students, the application of a variety of nursing skills training Medical Equipment Prototype, the ability to develop students in accordance with a certain level to carry out, such as clinical skills training to be imitated, operation, and clinical skills training process, are inseparable Operation object.
      In the past, nursing students from the school into the clinical practice, the lack of pre-job training, clinical basic skills training, so that nursing students into the clinical practice of lack of self-confidence, slow progress, especially for invasive operation did not take the initiative to operate, resulting in practice not skilled Use, or encounter problems I do not know how to deal with, therefore, teaching and nursing skills training Medical Equipment Prototype application, so that all nursing professional college pre-training training, the use of nursing simulation training for clinical skills to improve education methods.

      Nursing Professional Simulated Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Medical Equipment Prototype Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Simulated Human Nursing Simulated Intensive Clinical Skills Training Internship Process Access to Clinical Skills Training is a step-by-step process that can be improved from two aspects in order to effectively ensure more practical skills training; Pre-job training related to the skills of the operation of the project practice training for students, the use of teaching and Medical Equipment Prototype simulation of the actual case, is conducive to nursing students clinical skills training, so that the practice of nursing practice in the simulation, nursing students skills training and strengthen.

      Cultivate the comprehensive ability of nursing students, Medical Equipment Prototype the establishment of simulation scenarios for the exercise, that is, training training practice, teachers combined with the teaching content to create a vivid specific scenes, the use of role-playing, so that nursing students were to experience the patient, family members, nurses. The evolution of theoretical knowledge into intuitive content, to guide the students to learn the knowledge of self-pursuit and exploration, so as to help nurses deepen the understanding of teaching materials. Practice has proved that situational teaching can stimulate the interest of nursing students, is conducive to the transition between theory and practice, so as to improve the teaching effect. Through the practice of nursing skills training, not only to strengthen and consolidate the skills of pre-job skills, but also fully embodies the theory and practice skills requirements, effectively inspire and encourage nursing students to self-study, training of nursing students clinical thinking ability and innovation Awareness, and the ability to learn and apply multidisciplinary knowledge to identify problems, analyze problems and solve problems.