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How To Collect The Robot Prototype More Rationally
Jun 23, 2017

How to collect the Robot Prototype more rationally
Faced with an array of robotics on the market, which collection is more suitable for their own? The beginning of this lovers, it is necessary to give their own collection of content to a position, so that the car is more ornamental and collection value.
First of all from the perspective of the Robot Prototype ratio. Collection of Robot Prototype is best fixed in a proportion, the formation of a unified and tidy feeling, when their collection reaches a certain number, to see their own "team" is a very comfortable feeling, interested, then also may wish to arrange some scenes The car model is displayed. To avoid the proportion of different car models, giving a messy feeling. Currently on the market there are several standard proportions:
1:18 Robot Prototype size
The size of the Robot Prototype is relatively large, looks more conspicuous, in his hand is also very feeling, and large-size Robot Prototype can see more small parts and more activities can be. Currently on the market production of 1:18 models of the manufacturers are more, the type of relatively cheap products from the entry to the expensive boutique have, the choice of room is relatively large. Another point can not be ignored is the 1:18 Robot Prototype is the most closely follow the trend of the world auto industry, often a real car did not take long, 1: 18 Robot Prototype can buy.
1:18 shortcomings are mainly Robot Prototype and packaging are large, to bring some trouble in the collection, the other 1:18 Robot Prototype is mostly common on the market products, very few limited edition of the treasures, so buy 1 : 18 Robot Prototype is more suitable for fun for the purpose of the player.
1:24 Robot Prototype size
1:24 car models generally like the size of the palm, more suitable for collection. According to the current market situation, you can buy the type of 1:24 Robot Prototype to be significantly less than 1:18, the proportion of Robot Prototype products with "polarization" characteristics, the general common 1:24 Robot Prototype than With the brand of 1:18 much worse, the price is very cheap. On the other hand many of the collectors aspire to the boutique and even the best but often also from 1:24, such as Franklin's products, there are many or limited edition. Therefore, the entry of the collectors can buy some cheap 1:24, and the senior collectors or the car model collection as a value-added investment, you can buy by the famous Robot Prototype manufacturers launched 1:24 boutique.
1:43 Robot Prototype size
1:43 Robot Prototype is more small and exquisite, but some fine 1:43 Robot Prototype production accuracy is staggering, the door and the engine cover can be the same as the real car to open, and the door, cover the gap is very small; around the front wheel, The steering wheel can be turned. This production is very basic for large-scale Robot Prototype, and for 1:43 so small proportion, can do this is very great. In the market, 1: 43 ratio can be said to cover the widest range of models, the most abundant variety, the corresponding price difference is also great, sometimes spend 10 yuan can buy a 1:43 prototype robot, and 1:43 Robot Prototype In the limited edition of the release of many, it is worth the attention of collectors. It should be said that the 1:43 prototype of the robot is suitable for those who want to collect more models and lack of space to store or do not have much time to take care of the collectors.
In addition to the above three proportions, there are some other common proportions in the Robot Prototype. 1:12 Robot Prototype volume is very large, you can make the details very detailed, very strong on the home decoration However, because the volume is too large, the market on the 1:12 varieties and very few, not suitable for a lot of favorite fans; 1: 50 and 1:67 is the truck, bus Robot Prototype of the common proportion, suitable for special collection of such Robot Prototype Of the lovers; the 1: 87 Robot Prototype seems more suitable for collecting the prototype of the train Robot Prototype, because the train Robot Prototype is often this ratio.