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How To Judge The Car Prototype Price
Sep 01, 2017

How to judge the Car Prototype price
Buy a Car Prototype should be a lot of friends will think: I buy the Car Prototype this price is cost-effective? With this question today to teach you how to judge the approximate price of the model. One of the most important can be combined for several reasons:
1, according to the prototype of different car manufacturers to probably determine the price of car models. High-end brands such as BBR alloy high simulation Car Prototype generally about 2,000 yuan, resin prices are mostly in more than 5,000 yuan. MR price of 3500-10000 yuan or so, the price of CMC from 2000-5000 per month, EXOTO XS series between 4000-6000 yuan. In the end of the brand we are most familiar with the Beijing business, Alto (AA) is generally between 400-1000 yuan, low-end Car Prototype manufacturers produce products such as fire wheel, Martha and other general 200-600 yuan between.
2, to determine whether the Car Prototype is meticulous, the proportion of each component is reduced. Car body paint is smooth, bright color. Whether the car interior simulation in place, the window wheel is a high-quality texture.
3, the prototype car before the mass production of the most valuable Shouban. (Because the number of extremely scarce original Shouban prices to 10,000 or even more than 10 million are not surprising), even if the mass production of Shouban model prices are mostly at least 5,000 yuan.
4, how to choose the proportion of high imitation Car Prototype is also an important reference standard. If the appreciation for the purpose of the collection. We should choose the market is relatively rare ratio such as 1: 12,1: 24.
5, the purchase of the Car Prototype whether the original collection certificate. Because a collection of certificates with a license from the price or collection value is a decisive role!
Historical value ---- when you buy a beloved, there are commemorative value of the model, you will naturally deliberately seek to collect the existence of such vehicles history, the background of the times and so on to increase the awareness of it, so as to To understand its contribution to history. In addition, the Car Prototype itself is today's model manufacturing technology development process of the most complex carrier.
Process value ---- Car Prototype products, high precision simulation, according to the proportion of real car made, coupled with the majority of the use of zinc alloy as the main raw material, texture is very strong, more complex model parts up to 300 pieces, Production process more than more than 500 Road. The input material and working hours cost are the main contents of the model product cost.
Appreciation potential ---- Car Prototype products due to the complexity of the manufacturing process, the output is low. When a model is sold, with the progress of time, the level of awareness of the continuous improvement of the collection model of more and more people, people in the hands of the model cultural value inadvertently appreciated. In the car has not yet universal access to the people before the family, the Car Prototype has taken the lead into many families, can be placed as a fine art between the elegant room, from which the power of science and technology, the atmosphere of the times, it is not just the past record, Should also be present and future tips.
Free to place: placed in children is not easy access to the place, so as not to accidentally drop the Car Prototype children, not only the car model damage is more likely to hurt the children.
· Do not allow high temperature exposure: Do not expose to long-term exposure to sunlight or highlights direct light, easy to cause car paint wheel and plastic parts aging, deformation, wrinkle, rubber tires easy to oxidize, resulting in heat dissolution.
Avoid the damp environment: If the zinc alloy Car Prototype long-term place in a more humid place, the body of the alloy will be easy to oxidation, from the black spots, paint blistering and so on, so try to keep placed placed in the environment dry.
· Tire hanging place: different Car Prototype manufacturers produce model weight are not the same. For heavy and need long-term placement of the mold is best to use plexiglass or small pieces of wood to the wheel height, to avoid the tire into a "character" or stick on the base.
Leave the box: This not only affects the viewing degree of the model, but more importantly it will directly affect the value of the Car Prototype collection and the price of the sale again.