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Information Technology Is The Key To The Development Of Digital Wear Prototype Industry
Aug 01, 2017

Information technology is the key to the development of Digital Wear Prototype industry

On the current situation, with information technology to enhance the Digital Wear Prototype manufacturing industry is still the level of digital wear and tear of the prototype industry is the most critical. At present, CAD, CAE, CAM technology, rapid prototyping technology in the digital wear prototype production in the practical application of digital wear prototype manufacturing technology has been greatly improved. And, such as five-axis machining machine, high-speed milling and other CNC precision machining equipment in the digital wear prototype development and manufacturing level of the application also greatly improved the level of digital wear and tear of the prototype industry.

Enterprise information is the enterprise how to coordinate with the surrounding environment, the development and use of good information resources, so that production and business activities with the timely processing of information, smooth circulation and high quality and efficient operation. On the digital wear and tear prototype manufacturing industry, the main content of enterprise information: digital wear and tear manufacturing prototype of the digital, intelligent, flexible, integrated, manufacturing process virtualization and network, globalization and so on. In general, rapid prototyping Digital Wear Prototype enterprises are mostly small and medium enterprises, and the vast majority are from the workshop-style enterprises to grow in the domestic digital wear and tear prototype industry is still the majority of digital wear prototype enterprises to workshop Type of management mode of operation, in the digital wear and tear prototype of the delivery, cost, quality aspects of the problem is endless, so the order delay or loss of orders to lose the customer situation is also occurring.

In the face of fierce competition in the market, unscientific enterprise management, making digital wear and tear in the prototype of the management and technical staff can only be busy with the enterprise to spend huge sums of money to introduce CAD / CAE / CAM system and high-end CNC machining equipment is also difficult to play Out of its efficiency and level, so most of the digital wear and tear the prototype manufacturing enterprises and their production of considerable power and market competitiveness.
  Plastic digital wear prototype model common surface treatment with paint, electroplating, sandblasting, polishing, silk screen, etc., paint sub-matte paint, high gloss paint, rubber paint, etc., today focused on the introduction of Digital Wear Prototype surface spray rubber paint treatment.
    Rubber paint, also known as leather paint, hand paint, fluff paint. Sprayed on the surface of the object, was matte or semi-matte state, feel very delicate, smooth, elegant appearance, solemn. Resistant, wear resistance, excellent wear resistance; widely used in ABS, PVC, PC, PS, and other materials of plastic products.
     Household products generally use a long time, the wear is also more, so in the research and development of household products, digital wear prototype is the surface treatment process is the designer to consider more places, and rubber paint excellent wear resistance, feel very delicate, smooth, etc. Advantage to become the designer of choice.