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Modern Design Of Robot Prototype
Jul 10, 2017

Modern design of Robot Prototype

1. Collect information information to form the concept of modeling design

The idea of any new type of car is built on the basis of old cars or other vehicles, which include consumers' opinions and expectations of cars. Every year, the information feedback of automobile exhibitions and markets around the world is the source of information sources of the design and development department. For example, China's first concept car "kirin", which has been investigated by car users in five cities, has gathered information about the demand of different groups of people from different parts of the country, before embarking on the design of drawings. One of the "four parts" of the current brand of brand cars is "information feedback", one of which is the basis for manufacturers to develop new products.

Ii. Design rendering design

Now some people ask decorate the company to decorate a house, decorate a company also can make a effect picture to customer review. Similarly, automobile modeling design also should have renderings, reflected stylist to shape the new car design in the picture, here the content have the vehicle shape, color, material quality and reflective effect, etc., as a developer expressed modelling design and preliminary selection of reference. The renderings are made by developers with industrial modeling skills, using watercolor, color lead or drawing, etc. Body form rendering and body interior renderings are divided into two kinds, rendering the body form rendering to show the models with the relations between the front, side and back, but also show the door shake handshandle, fall after the mirror, the structure of the wiper arm, license plate location details. The interior design of the interior design shows the space between the dashboard, the central console, the door guard plate, the seat and the other. As the interior of the carriage is difficult to express clearly, some rendering images are drawn separately for certain locations.

Be good.

3. Robot Prototype

The first step in "armchair" to physical object is to conceptualize the design of the design, to show the surface of the paper, and to make the designers more detailed and detailed. The first step is to choose to determine a few thumbnail image, according to the figure do to reduce the proportion of car Robot Prototype Robot Prototype or gypsum, oil sludge ratio of (us, UK and other English countries) or truly 1:10, 1:5, etc. Small proportion of the benefits of the Robot Prototype is that you can modify repeatedly, low cost, if the start doing full sized Robot Prototype, and modify repeatedly, on big Robot Prototype will cost a lot of time and manpower. Due to the scale of modern car production, any error in design will result in a huge loss and waste, so designers on a smaller scale models developed is indispensable in the work.

4. Tape diagram

When the shape of the scaled model is determined, the contour curve of the Robot Prototype is enlarged to 1:1, which is shown in the form of duct tape. Tape figure refers to the use of different width and different colors of tape on the marked coordinate network white board, paste on the Robot Prototype contour curves and lines, the car the whole contour, arrange the size, position of engine, chassis and body model can be displayed. The tape can be pasted or ripped at any time, so the tape can be modified at any time. After the designer has modified and adjusted the tape, the outline of the car has been basically established.

5. Prototype of full-size sludge robot

Full size refers to the proportion of 1:1, full-size sludge Robot Prototype is just like a real car, Robot Prototype contour curve and size are made according to the requirements of strict, designers can carries on the comparison to the details of the body surface and modification, design of test has entered the stage of "simulation". Full-size sludge Robot Prototype is divided into external and internal Robot Prototype Robot Prototype, and is the key stage in the design of automobile body modelling, demands in extremely serious and meticulous attitude to work, the modelling of any detail can't careless, because the full-size sludge Robot Prototype is the basis of a formal product in future.

The full-size sludge Robot Prototype is a high simulation product, for example, the wheel usually USES the real guy - the real tire and the real bike, because the wheel has a very important influence on the whole model. Attached to the body, the headlights and the brush will be placed in their respective positions. Some of the prototype surfaces are also painted, similar to real cars. As a result, the car factory's detection of the new product also begins with the full-scale prototype of the Robot Prototype. Detection in one of the most key, is the robot body external prototype for wind tunnel test, the main content of the test is to simulate the speed in the 100-200 km/h, under the condition of test drag, lift, lateral force, pitching moment, side turn moment and yaw moment data, such as Robot Prototype design personnel to the body state of aerodynamic research and analysis, in order to obtain the aerodynamic performance of the whole body carries on the optimization of the design.