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Principles Of 3D Printers
Mar 14, 2017

3D printer is using a specific wavelength and intensity of laser-focused on the surface of the light-curing materials, which from the point to the line, Directional solidification by the line to the surface, drawing performance: to complete a level, and then lift the height of a layer in the vertical direction, then cured another level, layer upon layer, forming a three dimensional entity.

SLA technology is mainly used in the manufacture of a variety of moulds, models, etc; also can be present in raw materials by the addition of other ingredients, using SLA prototypes mold instead of wax melted mould precise casting, SLA technology is faster, higher accuracy, but as the process of curing shrinkage, inevitably caused by stress or deformation. Therefore the development of shrinkage small, fast-curing photosensitive material, high strength is the trend.