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Rapid Prototyping Efficient Manufacturing
Mar 14, 2017

Back in the 90 's of the last century, scientists have proposed "rapid prototyping" development concept, ripe with frontiers continue to make breakthroughs in key technologies, now named with a-d printing rapid prototyping technology has matured and began to quietly among the military.

Currently, developed competing competing 3D print industry, using fast forming technology success manufacturing out guns, and bike, and electric control aircraft, up hundreds of thousands of species products, number varieties was amazing, has information displayed, American application 3D forming technology has success auxiliary manufacturing out a type missile ignition device model, reportedly, beauty NASA also in Space Center on currently maximum of 3D print rocket engine parts for has new a round test, to explore its in application field can has change sex of led role.

Foreign military studies, 3D rapid prototyping technology prospects, will lead the new industrial revolution, not only small arms in the future, simple material could 3D printing, even for large complex equipment such as ships, planes, tanks, and even food, field bases are able to quickly "make".