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Robot Prototype, Avoid High Temperature Exposure
Sep 12, 2017

Robot Prototype, avoid high temperature exposure
Robot Prototype has many kinds, Robot Prototype manufacturer introduces Robot Prototype appearance characteristic.
1, simulation Robot Prototype must have it by the robot, is the original robot according to certain standard reduced proportion, the proportion of common 1/12, 1/18, 1/24, 1/43 and 1/87, and so on, with the original car ratio of precision is the important measure of a Robot Prototype manufacturing level one. The toy robot's size design can be large and small, very casual.
2. In order to faithfully reproduce the true robot, the model maker will not modify and exaggerate the appearance of the prototype car, not to imagine a robot. Many toy robots may also mimic a real car, but manufacturers tend to make arbitrary modifications based on customer preferences and technical levels of production. Toy designers can also use their imaginations to launch robots that don't exist in reality, but the imagination is "not allowed" to the model. In addition to the overall appearance, Robot Prototype should also be highly simulation on detail, often the whole Robot Prototype will be made up of several hundred or more parts, each part is corresponding to the original robot parts of narrow, the more Robot Prototype parts, parts share the more fine, explain the making craft of the Robot Prototype is higher. The details of the toy robot are far from the level of the Robot Prototype, and many details are ignored or made with the same material.
3. The prototype of the robot is made of high-grade metal, plastic or resin material, and the processing technology is high, and the requirement of painting is almost reached the level of the real car.
4, Robot Prototype manufacturing company to make the model of a robot, have to get the original factory authorized, or infringement of the intellectual property rights, Robot Prototype manufacturers may have to pay a fee for this. In order to make a high precision model, the manufacturer also needs the technical support of the original plant to provide accurate data. These are things that toy designers don't need.
Robot Prototype display cabinet needs a certain light source, can let the body to achieve the effect of shining brightness. In order to pass light, the best transverse partition is glass, good for vertical transmission; In addition, in order to increase the refraction of light, the facade of the cabinet is best used in the mirror, so that the prototype of the robot under the display cabinet is also illuminated by light.
But Robot Prototype should not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, and don't use traditional light bulbs for long periods of time. Traditional bowl small shoot the light of the temperature is very high, very hot hand are afraid to touch, direct illuminate on the Robot Prototype, in the long term damage to paint, such as there will be color deviation, even may appear the phenomenon such as paint blister, and will cause the wheel and plastic accessories aging, deformation, wrinkle, rubber tire easy oxidation, heat to dissolve. As a prototype collector of ordinary robots, there is no need to have a special lighting source for a museum display. If you want to watch the lighting effect, you can get a lamp.
, of course, for many of the Robot Prototype, the economic conditions allow, have special display cases and collectors, and hope to maintain a lighting effects, can consider the power of small, relatively low temperature of energy-saving lamp, it seldom produces heat, each only about seven watts. At the same time, placing a small glass of water in the display cabinet is conducive to alleviating dryness and electrostatic effects. This greatly reduces the damage to the prototype of the robot.
The development of the prototype of the robot can not only be used as a promotional campaign, but also as a collector's collection, gifts for friends and relatives, and a lot of Lin Lin. Whether from brand to variety, various proportion to model, simple color to complex body decoration, you may want to make smart choices in the view. It is "good at collecting, high in sentiment"!