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Significance Of Medical Equipment Prototype Device Application
Jul 19, 2017

Significance of Medical Equipment Prototype device application

The Medical Equipment Prototype has various vital signs, which can simulate various scenes and symptoms. It has the training of tracheal intubation, defibrillation, intravenous infusion, chest and abdominal water and pericardial effusion. Included with the computer software can be set according to need and case simulation, such as acute myocardial infarction patients appeared arrhythmia, even heart stopped, bronchial asthma, appear all sorts of positive signs, uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock, anaphylactic shock, and other emergency cases. According to the student's operation, the performance of specific practice will be displayed on the computer in time.

Training content mainly for disease diagnosis and basic rescue techniques, such as the judgment of a cardiac arrest, endotracheal intubation, heart cardioerter, cardiac compression and artificial respiration, rescue medication, such as breathing machine application. The training is carried out in the full-function simulation human first aid training room, which is equipped with various rescue supplies and items. The teacher can edit the scene according to the common emergency cases, and make different difficulty setting according to the training stage and the students' grasp of the situation. Students operate according to the conditions of the prototype of the medical device. The leading physician is the first to operate the correct prototype of the Medical Equipment Prototype action demonstration Medical Equipment Prototype case, and then the students participate in the simulation rescue.

Finally, it is very common to discuss the clinical emergency of cardiac respiratory arrest in the Medical Equipment Prototype. It is very important for patients to resuscitate resuscitation in time and correctly. Moreover, once cardiac respiration stops, the clinical situation is complex, and it is a challenge for an intern who has no experience. Without in the process of clinical practice of recovery, the doctor if not correct, efficient recovery, or due to the lack of recovery rescue experience, easily lead to the patient that rescues the best time to lose, serious cause death. Therefore, it is of vital importance to strengthen the level of emergency training for the prototype operation of medical equipment and increase the rescue experience.

As an important part of clinical skills, emergency medical treatment has become an important part of medical student training program. But in clinical practice, only a few students may have the opportunity to participate in CPR. With medical equipment prototype applications become an important teaching method, strengthen emergency first aid skills training in medical students, enhance the consciousness of the first aid, foster their clinical emergency rapid response ability has become the important hot topic in the field of medical educators.

Due to brain trauma, Medical Equipment Prototype cerebrovascular accident or ischemic ischemic encephalopathy, although patients recover after recovery, they may still be in a coma, or decrease in response to external stimuli. In the spontaneous circulation restoration after the initial brief high perfusion of the brain, because of the microcirculation dysfunction of cerebral blood flow can be reduced or even appear no reflow phenomenon, which in the case of normal cerebral perfusion pressure may also occur. The patient must be able to maintain normal or mildly elevated arterial pressure and reduce intracranial pressure, Medical Equipment Prototype thereby ensuring appropriate cerebral perfusion and effective cerebral perfusion. After a long period of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, patients often have epilepsy due to ischemia in the cerebral cortex. Seizures can increase the oxygen demand of the brain and the body's oxygen consumption, damage brain cells and aggravating cerebral edema, so clear a seizure must be controlled in time, drug stability, can use hibernate mixture, DE ba jin and so on, and need to join the follow-up anti-seizure medication to maintain remission in slow after reduction. If the conditions permit, the eeg can be monitored at the bedside table, and the epileptic seizure with no obvious clinical symptoms is detected early and the treatment is given early.