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Talking About The Four Basic Knowledge Of Industrial Prototype In Daily Maintenance
Oct 12, 2017

Industrial Prototype on the daily maintenance, in fact, there is no absolute standard at all, the basic experience is to talk about everyone's only. My personal feeling is that for their own baby more care is necessary; but must not be nervous, by some of the so-called standard operation of the constraints, make nervous, so I am afraid that will enjoy the fun of Industrial Prototype The.
The following some of the notes, for your reference, and ultimately to you in practice according to their own experience to choose.
1, Industrial Prototype
Do not put in the height, so as to avoid accidental fall caused losses. Do not put children in easy access to the place, so as not to both sides (children and car) have caused harm. These are minor reminders to avoid accidents, the families of different conditions, we certainly own sense of proportion.
Industrial Prototype. So Industrial Prototype do not long-term exposure to the sun, the same reason do not use the traditional small spotlights long-term exposure. Traditional bowl-shaped small spotlight temperature is very high, the Industrial Prototype paint damage. In fact, as an ordinary Industrial Prototype enthusiasts, is completely unnecessary to engage in a special light source to do the museum-style display, play if you want to see the lighting effect, desk lamp is enough. Of course, for the possession of many, economic conditions permit, there are special display showers of the collectors, hoping to set the lighting effect, you can consider the energy-saving lamps, power, temperature is relatively low. At the same time, placed in the showcase a small glass of water, is conducive to ease the dry and electrostatic effects.
Industrial Prototype. Humidity is too large, the paint is prone to oxidation, black spots, and even blistering. The big principle is to place Industrial Prototype in a dry place. For some of the lack of space collectors sometimes need to put Industrial Prototype back to the original packaging, placed in the corner and so on. It is necessary to note that the location of the release of the humidity is too large. It would be helpful to put some desiccant in the package, and some Industrial Prototype products contained a desiccant package in their packaging; if not, some of the desiccant in the food package should also be available.
2, Industrial Prototype clean
In general, wipe Industrial Prototype, the use of dry cloth, ordinary glasses cloth is a good choice. When the body accidentally stick to some stains, need to wet cloth wipe, the occasional water, not so terrible friends. After wiping the stain, pay attention to the appropriate parts of the dry.
Before a friend from there to learn a move, as to the operation in the long run will cause damage to the paint, is still unknown, but the effect was really good. That is, with a rubber wipe stubborn stains.
In the clean floating dust and clean up the gap in the dust, I also learned two strokes. A with a soft brush dust, barber shop inside the soft brush is a good choice, Industrial Prototype how hard than our face hard bar. B blowing, we have seen the master of the repair table with the kind of pinch will be blowing from the thin mouth of the guy to it, I really do not know that the scientific name of what is the Han. Hair dryer can also friends, pay attention to wind, but like ordinary home hair dryer are only hot air, it is still not used well. Yes, there are their own mouth, control of saliva, then ... ...
3, Industrial Prototype operation
Do you want to wear gloves? This point, I think we are accustomed to their own choice just fine. Leaving the fingerprint is indeed beautiful, perspiration does have a certain corrosive. But as long as clean hands, the operating environment is not very hot, the time to play is not too long, the end of the tour as long as the position to wipe the hand contact no problem. Ordinary white cloth gloves sometimes appear slippery situation, which is also a potential danger. As for the special practice to buy medical gloves, it seems a bit too seriously. Do not take Industrial Prototype too expensive, borrow a friend comment on online games: we are (reward) to play them (online games, Industrial Prototype), not they are playing with us.
When opening the door, hood and other institutions, try to use the door opener, not all of the Industrial Prototype are equipped with this gadget, but there is a basic enough. In fact, sometimes with business cards, or other plastic sheet, the effect is very good.
4, Industrial Prototype maintenance
From time to time to Industrial Prototype waxing, the maintenance of the paint, or can make Industrial Prototype become bright. Dedicated model wax, ordinary car wax is possible. Note that every time waxing, wax can not be too much, do not drop the wax into the gap.
Above on the Industrial Prototype routine maintenance methods for your reference.