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Talking About The Four Little Basic Sense Of Daily Maintenance Of Car Prototype
Jun 23, 2017

Talking about the Four Little Basic Sense of Daily Maintenance of Car Prototype
On the car prototype of the daily maintenance, in fact, there is no absolute standard at all, the basic experience of everyone is to talk about it. My personal feeling is that for their own baby more care is necessary; but must not be nervous, by some of the so-called standard operation of the constraints, make nervous, so I am afraid will play the car prototype of the fun are offset The.
The following some of the notes, for your reference, and ultimately to you in practice according to their own experience to choose.
1, car prototype placed
Do not put in the height, so as to avoid accidental fall caused by the loss. Do not put children in easy access to the place, so as not to both sides (children and car) have caused harm. These are minor reminders to avoid accidents, the families of different conditions, we certainly own sense of proportion.
Car prototype bogey high temperature. So the car prototype do not long-term exposure to the sun, the same reason do not use the traditional small spotlights long-term exposure. The traditional bowl-shaped small spotlight temperature is very high, the car prototype paint damage. In fact, as an ordinary car prototype enthusiasts, there is no need to engage in a special light source to do a museum-style display, play if you want to see the lighting effect, desk lamp is enough. Of course, for the possession of many, economic conditions permit, there are special display showcases of the collectors, hoping to set the lighting effect, you can consider the energy-saving lamps, power, temperature is relatively low. At the same time, placed in the showcase a small glass of water, is conducive to ease the dry and electrostatic effects.
Car prototype bogey too wet. Humidity is too large, the paint is prone to oxidation, black spots, and even blistering. The big principle is to put the car prototype in a ventilated and dry place. For some of the lack of space collectors sometimes need to put the car prototype back to the original packaging, placed in the corner and so on. It is necessary to note that the location of the release of the humidity is too large. Put some desiccant in the packaging will help, some car prototype products in the package itself with a desiccant package; if not, some food packaging desiccant should also be friends :).
So it seems that the above two points is not contradictory? So, or according to the actual situation to analyze the decision. Everyone in the city's natural environment is very different, such as Beijing and Guangzhou in the temperature and humidity will have a relatively large difference. To avoid extreme cases like, do not need too rigidly adhere to a certain specification requirements.
* Suspended. Long-term placement of the car prototype, the need to chassis height, in order to avoid four long-term by the body pressure, resulting in wheel shaft deformation, tire character. On this point, my personal opinion does not seem so serious. At least one of my 1:18 KYOSHO BMW 6 Series [review picture forum] put four years, and did not become eight feet ah. Different manufacturers, different proportions, different models of car prototype, the weight is not the same, may be for some of the great weight of the product, which need to pay attention to it. After all, the axle and other components of the material is basically the same, can withstand the pressure range is limited.
Often change the tire location. Long-term placement of the car prototype is best to often turn the wheel to change the wheel to the location. This is one can avoid the wheel into a duck egg round (this situation is probably not very high probability); Second, you can avoid the occurrence of adhesion at the tire site, this is to be noted, especially in the case of high temperature.
Car prototype should pay attention to dust. As a miniature car, the body is more complex, if the plot of more dust, clean up or more trouble. It is best not to be exposed directly to the long-term place on the desktop, Duobao Pavilion and the like. Conditional, with glass doors of the bookcase, lockers is a better choice. If only to enjoy their own play, usually can also be used to cover the appropriate cloth. As for the special one of the molding of the box, the unit price is not cheap and not easy to buy; and their own custom plexiglass bonded box, then, may not be able to save much money, I am afraid it will not look good adhesion.