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The Car Prototype Is Different From The Material
Jul 10, 2017

The Car Prototype is different from the material

Prototype is different with the real cars, car factory to make the simulation models of material is no longer the same metal, now material is varied, different manufacturers in order to meet the requirements of different product customization model with developed different types, different materials of Car Prototypes, their price also differs very far, of course.

Most americans like to have a start texture, so the prototypes of cars sold in the U.S. are mostly zinc alloys. But the European people like the exquisite and delicate use of materials, which is also the reason for the development of many raw materials and parts manufacturing industries.

Our Car Prototype plant production at present most is resin and alloy models, metal models is also made from all kinds of steel, when people are in the process of production found that zinc alloy material strength, elasticity, rigidity and impact resistant ability to stretch and other materials have obvious advantages, and the production cost is relatively low, so until now we now call metal models are generally use zinc alloy material to do the Car Prototype of shell

Relative to alloy material. Since the prototype of resin car is not needed to develop new grinding tools, it has also become popular in the production process of the prototype factory. It is the natural resin that is used to make the mould. This kind of plastic material has low melting point, which can be heated by electric oven and electric stove. Not only is it very stable after being compressed, it is not easy to deform, it can be preserved for a long time, and because the weight of resin model is light and bright, it is more and more popular with the public. At present, the prototype of resin car in China is still relatively rare.

There is also a model of synthetic materials that we are often exposed to, which is a prototype of a car made from a variety of materials. This car model fine degree is higher, the producer can choose according to the actual situation of the vehicle is most close to the original car composite material, such as car use metal material, rubber wheel, the window using organic glass plate and so on. Its biggest feature is to produce the highest degree of reproduction of the product in front of the consumer.

 I believe many of the friends who love car archetypes will be more concerned with the question of what channel to buy the car model is the most reliable. In fact, I have also verified this problem through personal experience and data collection. Here's my summary

At present domestic can purchase the high imitation Car Prototype channel.

Toy ZongGeDian: at present the most popular international is the largest class of sales high copy motor prototype, its biggest characteristic is selling many varieties mainly manages all kinds of toys, including entrainment sell some brand Car Prototypes.

But at home, the large toy complex is relatively small and difficult to find.

Car Prototype specialty store: through the exclusive shop channel purchase is the most formal, the source of the most secure way. But at the moment, there are only a small number of big cities in the country, and in Beijing's case, there are only 12

The real formal channels of Car Prototype specialty shops. The model of a Car Prototype can be assured from source to quality. It is also because the channel is formal, the car model price of this kind of storefront sells commonly is high.