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The Form Of Expression Digital Wear Prototype
Oct 12, 2017

Through the subjective consciousness with the entity or virtual representation, constitute an objective description of the form, the structure of a purpose of the object (object does not mean that the object is not limited to the entity and virtual, not limited to the plane and three-dimensional).
Digital Wear Prototype form can be divided into physical Digital Wear Prototype (physical volume with the volume and weight of the concept of physical objects) and virtual Digital Wear Prototype (with electronic data through the form of digital form and other actual performance).
Digital Wear Prototype display is divided into flat display and stereoscopic display (logo is a graphic display, such as illustrations example example).
Physical Digital Prototype from the form of expression can be divided into static mode (physical relative static, itself does not have the energy conversion of the power system, not external force under the structure and shape of the integrity of the composition), help Digital Wear Prototype (static model Based on the role of external kinetic energy, do not change their own performance structure, through physical motion detection of an object structure connection relationship) and dynamic mode (through the energy conversion method to generate kinetic energy, in their own structure with a power conversion system, the energy The relative continuous physical movement that can be demonstrated during the conversion process).
Virtual Digital Wear Prototype is divided into virtual static Digital Prototype, virtual dynamic Digital Wear Prototype, virtual fantasy Digital Wear Prototype.
Digital Wear Prototype aims to make the product, engineering project, art design concept (hereinafter referred to as the goods) in the exhibition and the sale of a content with its contents in line with the reduced version (expanded version); This requires Digital Wear Prototype both good Of the technical design to ensure the integrity of the goods quality, but also both good visual design to ensure the smooth sale of goods. In terms of the more closely related aspects of the daily life of the public, the integrity of the production and consumption of the business community in which we live is relaxed, and the number of poor quality Digital Wear Prototype, with relatively inexpensive prices, And swagger through the market, smooth in the distribution of channels - although this part of the consumer to meet the low-level consumer desire, but in the long run is weakened and even destroyed the real prospects of economic prosperity, hinder the quality of our lives to Digital Wear Prototype Design As a specific design activity, a design that has a wide range of influence on the product brand can reduce or mitigate the disadvantages that occur if it is fully and properly exploited; , It will exacerbate these contradictions. Faced with these real problems, Digital Wear Prototype designers and manufacturers are shoulder the social responsibility can not be shirked.
Discuss the resin Digital Wear Prototype, most of the players have talked about the high price of resin models. Through the trip to Dongguan, a thorough understanding of the resin Digital Wear Prototype expensive reasons. Of course, is still a word, side of the word. You are clear public, is not their own resolution.
First of all must say that the resin Digital Wear Prototype is a "accidentally" out of the sub-categories, 1: 18 resin Digital Wear Prototype even more so. Before 2008, almost no 18 resin Digital Wear Prototype. With the economic crisis in Europe to weak consumption, coupled with the surge in labor costs in China, Digital Wear Prototype market at the time the situation is difficult. Resin Digital Wear Prototype is popular at this time. Initially, the resin Digital Wear Prototype was originally Digital Wear Prototype factory to do stereotypes with the sample.
For the Digital Wear Prototype factory, the resin car is a good pen to buy and sell. The reason is very simple - put small, back to the fast.
In the production cost of alloy Digital Wear Prototype, the cost of mold is very large. To 1: 18Digital Wear Prototype, the general 200 parts around 10 to 15 sets of molds. The cost of mold is about 500,000. Although the long life of this abrasive, you can use it for a long time, but the early investment, production time is relatively long, back to the also need a longer time. Alloy mold production process will be followed after the introduction of posts, where not press the table.