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The Function And Maintenance Of Robot Prototype
Jun 15, 2017

The Function and Maintenance of Robot Prototype

Installation of robot prototype According to the on-site production requirements, the internal control function of the robot can be simplified, and the menu management of each action of the manipulator is achieved. The main contents are the adjustment of the manipulator, the control of the air pressure in the cylinder, the adjustment of the air cushion path and the automation Control system and other aspects of the data debugging. It should have the field communication network, the connection with the punching machine, the operation, the decentralized function module and the open field bus technology is the development direction of the robot prototype control technology, and has the obvious promotion effect to the realization automation. Integration of the press control system The control functions of all presses and molds can be realized via a single operating interface, including fault diagnosis, mold menu configuration, programmable limit switches and mold monitoring and adjustment, and maintenance of the equipment More convenient, and significantly increase the effective working hours of the press.


        The most prominent feature of the robot prototype servo drive system is that the motor is directly connected with the eccentric crank gear, and the speed of the motor can be adjusted arbitrarily so that the speed of the crank mechanism can be arbitrarily adjusted to accelerate or slow the punching speed. Another major feature of servo presses is the high compatibility. As the servo press the motor speed can be stepless adjustment, it is possible in the stamping process to achieve stamping and punching force of the stepless adjustment, so that the press working curve with a variety of different application requirements to match. In order to ensure that the crank to complete the precise movement, the user can achieve through the deceleration of the drawing process or to maintain a constant stamping speed, so that not only can improve the quality of sheet metal processing, but also extend the life of the mold. The change and control of the speed of the servo press has been rationally optimized, and the integrated module is used to manufacture it according to the modular structure. If the servo function is not needed, the machine can work like a traditional press Constant power and travel.


         Robot prototype during use or after a period of time, it will inevitably be some minor problems, and sometimes because of improper manual operation, there will be some impact on the robot can not run a big problem, this time will need to repair personnel or robot manufacturers Of the maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance, maintenance personnel in the arm before or during the maintenance staff must be a detailed understanding of the safety regulations to avoid danger.


1, check the injection before the machine, please turn off other power.

2, adjust the maintenance, please turn off the shooting machine and the robot prototype power and remove the residual pressure of the robot.

3, in addition to the proximity switch, suction folder bad, solenoid valve failure can be self-repair, the other should be trained by professional training personnel, or do not unauthorized changes.

4, adjust or replace the mold period, please pay attention to safety in order to avoid being injured by the robot.

5, to complete the adjustment or maintenance of mechanical arm, the test machine before leaving the dangerous work area.

6, the maintenance process, do not turn on the power or air pressure source connection. Chengen automation equipment to remind: maintenance and production process, safety first!