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The Function And Significance Of The Collection Of Digital Wear Prototype
Sep 01, 2017

The function and significance of the collection of Digital Wear Prototype
 In the international community has a large number of car enthusiasts collection of Digital Wear Prototype, the domestic Digital Wear Prototype lovers are also increasingly large groups. Then the steam Digital Wear Prototype why why there is such a big charm to attract more and more lovers it In short, the collection of digital wear and tear of the prototype of the great meaning of it
The first is the collection of Digital Wear Prototype can help understand the car knowledge. On the Digital Wear Prototype itself, because it is the true reproduction of the real car, the main structure of the car are scaled down to show the way, through the vapor Digital Wear Prototype can make the car parts of the strange people gradually understand these parts Appearance features and functions. On the collection of digital wear and tear of the prototype process, in order to collect Digital Wear Prototype, enthusiasts are bound to pay more attention to domestic and international automotive industry information, timely grasp of the dynamic. For the car's brand background, the designer's design style, car development history and other automotive culture will become more and more understanding. I believe that this is the collection of digital wear and tear of the prototype of the most important significance.
Followed by Digital Wear Prototype has a high ornamental value and decorative effect. Exquisite Digital Wear Prototype on the home, you can reflect the owner's personality and hobbies, add love for life; on the desk, you can reflect the success of the taste and vision; on the real car dashboard, and can create A unique atmosphere: If the real car and the model is the same car, do not have some fun, if the model than the real car, is not reflected in the lovers of the ideal!
Another point is also very important, that is, digital wear and other collections of the same prototype, with a certain value, value-added features. In particular, the famous factory produced, out of print exquisite Digital Wear Prototype, due to rare and doubled its value. Even an ordinary Digital Wear Prototype does not have a significant appreciation in a short period of time, because it will gradually show its value over time.
 With the car began to enter the homes of ordinary people, collection of digital wear and tear of digital prototype has gradually become a fashion, it is estimated that China's domestic digital wear and tear prototype prototype at least 300,000 people. Steam Digital Wear Prototype is not only a fine artwork, but also enrich the rich connotation of the car itself is the most important carrier of car culture. You know that there are many lessons in the collection and appreciation of Digital Wear Prototype. The proportion of Digital Wear Prototype generally uses the proportion of commonly used models. In order to truthfully "record" the vivid shape of each car, Digital Wear Prototype are generally used in a larger proportion, common 110,112,118,124,132,143 and so on. The proportion of the model, resulting in a greater degree of its simulation, 1: 43 Digital Wear Prototype relative to the 1:18 Digital Wear Prototype, the details to be omitted a lot.
Therefore, to get the Digital Wear Prototype after the first to see whether the shape of the deformation, followed by paint quality, a high quality Digital Wear Prototype surface paint should be very uniform, no obvious scratches and noise in the light. Digital wear and tear of the prototype parts of the work also directly affect the overall quality, such as Digital Wear Prototype of the interior is used leather, doors, luggage compartment in the opening and closing when there is a loose phenomenon, whether the bright metal plating, dashboard is sticky Paper or plastic and so on. So in the purchase and appreciation, you must open the door to see inside a careful.