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The Future Of Digital Wear Prototype Business Competition Focus
Nov 03, 2017

The future of Digital Wear Prototype business competition focus
With China's accession to the WTO and the development of global economic integration, it will inevitably have a huge impact on the system of China's traditional industries. We must reform the traditional mode of operation to adapt to the market. To participate in international competition, we must make the forms and means of information exchange in line with international standards. As we all know, e-commerce represents the future direction of trade development as well as an inevitable trend of economic development and progress. In the period of gradual deepening of market competition, enterprise innovation capability has increasingly become an important part of the competitiveness of enterprises. Information resources are increasingly becoming strategic resources for enterprises.
China's Digital Wear Prototype enterprises are mostly small and medium enterprises, growing up from the workshop-style enterprises, and even there are still many Digital Wear Prototype business is a workshop-style management, Digital Wear Prototype delivery, cost, quality control aspects of the problem Out continuously. Faced with fierce market competition, backward management tools and standards, digital wear and tear of the prototype business management and technical staff only exhausted. Therefore, Digital Wear Prototype manufacturing enterprises to improve the management level, with rapid response and timely adjustment capabilities, without a set of advanced management system to achieve the management of information is difficult to achieve. Through the construction of information technology to achieve Digital Wear Prototype manufacturing.The so-called Digital Wear Prototype of information technology enterprises, Digital Wear Prototype enterprises in the application of information technology such as INTERNET, ERP and other Digital Wear Prototype business upstream and downstream business processes, technology communication process, and Digital Wear Prototype Enterprise internal business management process, the form of IT fixed, and ultimately improve the digital wear and tear of the prototype business management level to improve the efficiency of Digital Wear Prototype business operations.
In the 1980s, the means of manufacturing Digital Wear Prototypes relied mainly on ordinary machining equipment. For complex Digital Wear Prototypes, the fitter's skills were used. The excellent Digital Wear Prototype fitters played a decisive role in Digital Wear Prototypes The focus of competition is on who has the ability to produce prototype digital wear out. By the 1990s, CAD / CAM technology, CNC machining technology and EDM machining technology were gradually being widely used to create a Digital Wear Prototype is not a problem, the application of CAD / CAM technology and numerical control technology is the main content of Digital Wear Prototype, Is the first revolution in the development of Digital Wear Prototypes. Digital Wear Prototype business management has also changed, management is also more and more important. In the 21st century, the rapid development of IT technologies such as network technology and computer application, as well as the substantial reduction in the cost of application of computer technology, the increase of network speed, the rapid popularization of network applications, etc. All this shows that the information age is coming soon and who can grasp Take the initiative to seize the initiative, the rapid application of IT technology to the Digital Wear Prototype business, who will be able to open up the market and improve their core competitiveness of an advantage.
At present, the promotion of CAD / CAM technology has been stepped into the deepening application stage from the "rejection board" stage. The application of CAPP technology can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of enterprise process compilation. The application of PDM system can effectively manage the product development data. The application of MIS / ERP system can fundamentally reduce the cost and increase the cost of enterprise Production and management efficiency. The integration and functional cooperation between these systems and the gradual realization of the full informatization of enterprises have become the subject of deepening application of CAD / CAM technology and the second change of Digital Wear Prototype development.