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The Importance Of Industrial Prototype In Industrial Design Process
Aug 01, 2017

The Importance of Industrial Prototype in Industrial Design Process

80% of the production cost is usually determined at the design stage, the design stage is an important part of the control of product costs. Now the enterprise product development process, the industrial design has always played an important role in the overall situation. The decision-making at the beginning of the industrial design is to take into account the whole cycle of product design positioning, cost control, manufacturing, quality inspection, publicity display, marketing and recycling. In the industrial design process, the model is an important part of the production, from the pure manual model to the semi-mechanized model to the modern CAM, Industrial Prototype production progress is a microcosm of modern manufacturing technology, proved that the production of Industrial Prototype not only Product design decision-making plays a very important role, it is product information confidential and marketing tool, can not be overlooked. Here from the industrial design process at different stages to see the importance of Industrial Prototype production.
First, the design optimization
Modern industrial design covers a wide range of small, paper clips, ball pens, large aircraft, ships, all contain the shadow of modern industrial design, but so many products, the design method is not the same. The mechanics of gravity geometries can be designed directly through computer graphics and can be experimented with a certain degree of motion by means of the dynamics of computer 3D software. On the surface of some products, such as daily small household electrical appliances, on the one hand can be directly through the computer design, on the other hand can also reverse engineering technology (commonly known as Chaoshu) for three-dimensional mapping to obtain three-dimensional modeling data, through the computer's poor Value algorithm for smooth correction, modified after the formation of three-dimensional model data can be used for Industrial Prototype production. This method has the advantage of being more obvious because of the appearance of the artwork, and it is difficult to find the geometric elements of the rules, Directly to the computer three-dimensional drawing, but it is less effective, even if the establishment of the model, its subsequent modification is also very poor, if the opposite, first by the designer directly with sludge and other materials to shape the body, and then through the three-dimensional scanning equipment Parametricization of the model, the original model of the computer data and then further through the Shouban rapid model equipment to be processed, can greatly improve the design efficiency
Second, the design discussion
In the process of product design, the discussion is very important, visualization is an important part of product design expression, is the cornerstone of design discussion. Quickly and effectively build a model of the product, you can get higher design efficiency at the same time. In the design of the creative stage, the most often used is based on the drawings of the 2D performance, but in the late, the design performance will be more specific, should be more specific intuitive Industrial Prototype as the object of discussion. Compared with the flat 2D performance, Industrial Prototype has an irreplaceable advantage. Industrial Prototypes can make the details of the product more clear, the visual experience of the product more intuitive, the design team everyone can look at these designs, the coordination of the work of the entire team has obvious advantages.
Third, functional testing
The production of Industrial Prototype can do some functional tests, can simulate the final shape of the product, including the functional form, surface shape, etc., the use of a certain strength of the material (such as ABS, PC, etc.), you can create a structure containing the internal structure Type Industrial Prototype to test whether the structure of the product is reasonable, wall thickness is in line with the requirements, moving parts are smooth and so on. You can also use Industrial Prototype for aerodynamic testing. Such as in cars, high-speed trains or spacecraft and other high-speed moving objects need to design, you can make a 1: 1 model, put it into the wind tunnel, the intuitive aerodynamic research.