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The Surface Treatment Of The Aluminum Alloy Parts Industrial Prototype
Jul 19, 2017

The surface treatment of the aluminum alloy parts Industrial Prototype

1. The sand

Using high speed cleaning and coarse sand flow impact the surface of the aluminum alloy parts, the method of the surface of the aluminum surface treatment can make Industrial Prototype for cleanliness and various degree of roughness, the process often cover on surface of the cell phone back cover and the TV industry used in the prototype.

2. The polishing

By means of mechanical chemistry and electrochemistry, the roughness of the prototype surface of aluminum alloy is reduced, so as to obtain the smooth and smooth surface treatment process. Polishing treatment process is mainly divided into: mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electrolytic polishing aluminum after the use of mechanical polishing and electrolytic polishing can achieve close to the mirror effect, give a person the sense with high-end simple fashion

3. The drawing

Wire drawing is the process of making aluminum parts of the Industrial Prototype by using sandpaper repeatedly, and the drawing can be divided into straight lines, threads, and spiral threads. Can make the workpiece drawing technology in metal dumb light radiant with fine hair luster, very fashionable sense of science and technology, notebook metal shell Industrial Prototype often used aluminium alloy or magnesium alloy surface treatment using wire drawing.

4. High-light cutting

Using the precision carving machine, the diamond knife is reinforced on the spindle of the high speed rotating precision engraving machine to cut the parts, and the local highlight area is generated on the surface of the product

5. Anodic oxidation

Anodic oxidation is refers to the electrochemical oxidation of metal or alloy, aluminium and its alloys in corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions, because under the action of impressed current, in a layer of oxide film is formed on aluminum Industrial Prototype process. Anodic oxidation can not only solve the defects such as hardness and wear resistance of aluminum surface, but also prolong the life of aluminum and enhance the appearance. The process is also the most widely used and successful processing technology of aluminum products

6. Double color anodic oxidation

Characteristics on the basis of the anodic oxidation products surface areas of different color process, double color anodic oxidation craft is complex and the cost is higher, general but through double color contrast to the unique shape of the withdrawal of the high-end products and more

Newly formed a good Industrial Prototype before coloring, usually must carry on the whiteboard grinding process, it is important to note when polishing product smoothness and qing Angle to have in place, piecemeal Industrial Prototype in the trace of glue also cannot too too obvious. In the process of grinding to the coloring of these processes are needed to do spray gray processing, color you need according to the pantone number, to have a qualitative standards set by the color, is in accordance with international standards pantone color card.

However, there are some difficulties in the color of some Industrial Prototypes. For example, the material of saigang and PP is not very stable after coloring, and it may fade away. So, in general, it's not a facade, the Industrial Prototype of the PP material, or the product of the game material, is not painted. The process used for gears is also not required to be colored and assembled in the product.