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Use Of Medical Equipment Prototype
Sep 01, 2017

Use of Medical Equipment Prototype
Our knowledge of the knowledge tells us that everything is present in the objective and subjective. Just as medical device prototyping applications include the physical environment and the software environment. Medical Equipment Prototype of the physical use of the environment on the use of Medical Equipment Prototype requirements are different. Only a detailed understanding of the medical device to identify the physical environment of the prototype.
The physical environment of the advanced human tracheal intubation training model mainly includes: working temperature, ambient temperature, corrosive gas, vibration and shock.
1) Operating temperature. Medical Equipment Prototype High-level human tracheal intubation training model is a high-power electronic components, easily affected by the working temperature, the product generally requires 0 ~ 55 ℃, but in order to ensure safe and reliable work, the use of room to consider, Control below 40 ℃. In the control box, the advanced human tracheal intubation training model should generally be installed in the upper part of the box, and strictly abide by the installation instructions in the product specification, absolutely not allowed to heat the element or easy to heat the components close to the senior human tracheal intubation training model The bottom of the installation.
2) Ambient temperature. When the temperature is too high and the temperature changes, the high-level human tracheal intubation training model is prone to condensation phenomenon, the insulation performance will be greatly reduced, and may even lead to short-circuit accident. If necessary, the desiccant and heater must be added to the tank.
3) corrosive gases. Medical Equipment Prototype Use of the environment If the corrosive gas concentration, not only will corrode the components of the lead, printed circuit boards, but also to accelerate the aging of plastic devices to reduce insulation performance, in this case, the control box should be made of closed structure , And ventilation.
For the development of Medical Equipment Prototype industry changes in testing equipment, too rely on traditional technology Traditional Medical Equipment Prototype can be short-term to meet the development of contemporary society Most business owners are aware of, but also made a corresponding response to the product structure , Service research and development and staffing to adjust, but really able to start and play a solid effect of the enterprise, in the face of the upcoming changes in China's Medical Equipment Prototype enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises there are many problems, but there are a lot of problems, Product instability, product life and other issues, the traditional technology can not be updated in a timely manner, although the emergence of the problem of production is not great, but also to the enterprise a great deal of inconvenience. Some of the traditional electronic test bench technology has been eliminated for many years, but still continue to use in the country, one day this lag will give the Medical Equipment Prototype industry a fatal blow.
Medical device prototypes can improve, expand or supplement human functions. People can use the sensory organs to see, listen, taste, touch the external things, and microscopes, telescopes, sound level meter, acidity meter, pyrometer, vacuum centrifuge and other Medical Equipment Prototype, can improve and expand these people's functions; In addition, Some medical device prototypes such as magnetometers, ray counters, etc. can sense and measure the physical quantities that human sensory organs can not feel; and some medical device prototypes can exceed people's ability to record, calculate and count, such as high-speed cameras, Computer and so on.
Instruments are an important "tool" for the development of science and technology. Instruments in today's era to promote science and technology and the development of the national economy has a very important position. In the past few years, foreign well-known electrical and electronic experimental platform enterprises to invest in the Chinese market continues to increase, foreign-funded enterprises and private enterprises have been rapid development, the local market competitiveness has been significantly improved. At the same time, benefiting from the country to vigorously promote energy conservation and green economy policies, as well as modern manufacturing, clean energy, marine engineering, smart grid special, urban rail transit, people's livelihood and other emerging industries brought about changes in demand for industry Provides a huge opportunity for development.
Medical Equipment Prototype testing equipment Domestic Medical Equipment Prototype used in the past should be eliminated technology, which to the medical model of enterprise development, not only the cost increase, but also to curb the roots of its innovative research and development, only from the backward technology to the shackles of talent Better catch up with the international development, Medical Equipment Prototype to have a beautiful future.