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What Are The Weaknesses Of The Robot Prototype Industry?
Aug 21, 2017

What are the weaknesses of the Robot Prototype industry?

As China's economy continues to grow, the demographic dividend tends to disappear, and the enterprises have to transform manufacturing into intellectual, setting off the tide of Robot Prototype substitutions. China has not only been reelected for four years - the world's largest Robot Prototype consumer market, and there are related analysis is expected, Robot Prototype next year will occupy 40% of the global market share.

According to statistics, China's Robot Prototype in May production of 10057 units, an increase of 47%, and January-May production increased by 50.4% year on year, and according to incomplete statistics, Robot Prototype related business performance in the first half of this year New high, compared to last year more than 90% of the company to achieve profit growth, Robot Prototype industry as a whole good.

Made in China is famous, it is a faction of prosperity, but the manufacturing surface is only a false impression, through the gorgeous phenomenon to see the essence of China's manufacturing many areas are the lack of core technology, of course, the Robot Prototype is particularly evident. The core technology of the Robot Prototype is basically monopolized by foreign countries, and the core parts of the Robot Prototype harmonic reducer and servo motor over-reliance on imports, and these core components occupy the Robot Prototype nearly 1/3 of the cost. Needless to ask is to control the cost of the Robot Prototype, you must first master the core parts of the Robot Prototype, at the same time, this is also one of the soft underbelly of the Robot Prototype. There is one must have its second, then the second weakness is: the state's "China made 2025" plan to manufacturing transformation as the focus of intellectual strategy. China has promulgated policies to encourage enterprises, and the corresponding subsidies to support enterprises, so that robotics prototype companies concerned about the bold to innovation and try. In recent years, China basically every day to add a related Robot Prototype business, but the number of enterprises crazy growth means that China's Robot Prototype technology has improved? The answer is clearly negative, the enterprise herd, and gradually flooded. The tide of domestic Robot Prototype is not only because the demographic dividend gradually disappear, the enterprise had to upgrade to Chile, the reform of low technological content of the production line model. But the manufacturing transformation, modern manufacturing, economic development, the key link: Robot Prototype, has risen to the national strategy, the government introduced the policy also vigorously promote the Robot Prototype tide of the development process. But rely too much on the country's support, relying on the country's policy, under the guise of the prototype of the robot, fish in troubled waters. To change this status quo, companies need to innovate, independent research and development of their own brand, the revitalization of China! So, there is a Robot Prototype soft ribs is, the Robot Prototype in the market there are dual policies of the national policy, the Robot Prototype industry development space is unlimited. The demand for Robot Prototype is increasing, and the related technical personnel are also increasing dramatically. However, because the rise of the prototype of the robot is too rapid, the cultivation of talent is in sharp contrast. Robot Prototype related talent gap is increasing, serious scarcity! Only technical personnel to speed up the steps to keep up with the pace of robot development, can be alleviated!

In summary, if you can change the soft under the prototype of the robot, reborn, Chinese-made Robot Prototype will board the international stage!

Domestic Robot Prototype is in the golden period, the increasing trend in China's economy at the same time, labor costs with the surge, leading to most of our enterprises are large-scale change in the previous production process, change the production of intensive population pipeline for the automation, mechanized production Model, while other companies are also preparing for the transition.

Therefore, the development process of Robot Prototype will be accelerated, China's prototype robot capacity will continue to expand, 2016 China's Robot Prototype industry booming, the total annual output of Robot Prototype reached 72,400 units, an increase of 34.3%. Robot Prototype sales: 2016 China's Robot Prototype sales reached 34,000 units, 2017 in May before the surge is 50.4%. Dazzling data show that China's Robot Prototype production, sales and market demand, has been in high-speed growth. However, the bottleneck of China's Robot Prototype is not only a shortage of core technology, as well as a large gap in technical talent.