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What Is The Future Trend Of Industrial Prototype?
Aug 10, 2017

What is the future trend of Industrial Prototype?
Industrial Prototype describes the industrial unmanned nature is the industrial manufacturing intelligent, high-end of a microcosm, provided that the industrial automation continues to cross the upgrade. Into the industry 4.0, first experienced 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 of the road. During which to think, a business, a team, can master the information revolution of these tools, Industrial Prototype can overcome the fortress of the industrial revolution?
        After the intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry, the staff structure will be from the original front-line industry workers accounted for the main proportion of the pyramid-shaped, to the middle of the skilled workers more and more inverted trapezoidal change. "No man factory" is not completely no one, Industrial Prototype but the pursuit of a kind of organic interaction between machines and balance.
        In recent years, Industrial Prototype the domestic labor-intensive "million people factory" more and more close to small profits and even zero interest. Enterprises and governments are often based on cost pressures to "machine substitutions to promote industrial upgrading" point of view to look at industrial information and unmanned. And really should think deeply about how to use intelligent equipment to change the process of production processes to solve the manufacturing cycle, Industrial Prototype the cost and the entire process of the problem, so that products more competitive, so as to achieve the whole system of transformation and upgrading.
        Manufacturing transformation and upgrading, Industrial Prototype in addition to the domestic high degree of concern about the industry 4.0 or that information and industrialization of the depth of integration, there is a dimension of globalization
        Macro-level, the government is promoting the "going out" strategy to encourage some of China's traditional manufacturing industry, the production capacity to overseas transfer; micro level, the domestic large-scale manufacturing enterprises highly stressed the need to create an international company.
        But after the integration of information and industrialization, Industrial Prototype will inevitably impact on the globalization of domestic enterprises thinking. Industrial 4.0 model can basically be unmanned, industrial unmanned will impact the global manufacturing industry. Whether in the United States, Europe, China or Southeast Asia, South Asian countries are the same, based on the gap between labor costs disappeared, the whole world of manufacturing pattern will be rewritten and refreshed.
        Industrial 4.0 or China made 2025, Industrial Prototype will bring a new "scraper" era. Under the new situation, how to promote globalization, the use of what advantage to achieve globalization?
        Industrial Prototype The intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry has become the consensus of the government and entrepreneurs. "Machine substitutions" to promote industrial upgrading, automation process, it must be in the policy formulation and implementation process to take into account, including robot technology inventor, entrepreneur, industrial capitalists, application forerunner, base attendants and industry organizers six people The actual needs. Integration of resources, in the system level (system framework, development direction) to seek innovation breakthrough
        Industrial upgrading for intelligent manufacturing is not a single technology, Industrial Prototype or even an industry upgrade, but with a new mode of operation and closer industry interaction reshape the entire industrial system. This transformation is not upgraded to upgrade a few production lines, or a new generation of product design so simple. It puts a higher demand for the ability to grasp the global industry (ie, top-level design) from the system level. The future of China's manufacturing industry information, unmanned transformation and upgrading, is to create a "full chain" of the ecological environment and industrial system, the establishment of system advantages, to meet international challenges.