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What Is The Significance Of The Collection Car Prototype?
Oct 12, 2017

In the international community has a large number of car enthusiasts collection Car Prototype, the domestic Car Prototype enthusiasts are also growing. So why did Car Prototype have such a big charm to attract more and more lovers? In a nutshell, the meaning of the collection Car Prototype is great.
The first is the collection Car Prototype can help understand the car knowledge. Car Prototype itself, because it is a real reproduction of the real car, the main structure of the car are scaled down to show through the Car Prototype can make the car parts of the strange people gradually understand the appearance of these components features and functions The On the collection Car Prototype process, in order to collect Car Prototype, enthusiasts are bound to pay more attention to domestic and foreign automotive industry information, timely grasp of the dynamic. For the car's brand background, the designer's design style, car development history and other car culture will become more and more understanding. I believe that this is the collection Car Prototype the most important significance.
Followed by Car Prototype has a high ornamental value and decorative effect. Exquisite Car Prototype in the home, you can reflect the owner's personality and hobbies, add love for life; on the desk, you can reflect the success of people's taste and vision; on the real car dashboard, and can create a Kind of atmosphere: if the car and the model is the same car, "cart" in the "car", do not have some fun, if the model than the real car "upscale", is not reflected in the lovers of the ideal!
It is also very important, that is, Car Prototype and other collections, as a certain value, value-added features. Especially the famous factory produced, out of print exquisite Car Prototype, due to the rare and doubled its value. Even ordinary Car Prototype does not have a significant appreciation in a short period of time, because it will gradually show its value over time.
Do not put in the height, so as to avoid accidental fall caused losses. Do not put children in easy access to the place, so as not to both sides (children and car) have caused harm. These are minor reminders to avoid accidents, the families of different conditions, we certainly own sense of proportion.
Car Prototype. So Car Prototype do not long-term exposure to the sun, the same reason do not use the traditional small spotlights long-term exposure. The traditional bowl-shaped small spotlight temperature is very high, the Car Prototype paint damage. In fact, as an ordinary Car Prototype enthusiasts, is completely unnecessary to engage in a special light source to do the museum-style display, play if you want to see the lighting effect, the lamp is enough. Of course, for the possession of many, economic conditions permit, there are special display showers of the collectors, hoping to set the lighting effect, you can consider the energy-saving lamps, power, temperature is relatively low. At the same time, placed in the showcase a small glass of water, is conducive to ease the dry and electrostatic effects.
Car Prototype is too wet. Humidity is too large, the paint is prone to oxidation, black spots, and even blistering. The big principle is to put Car Prototype in a dry place. For some of the lack of space collectors sometimes need to put Car Prototype back into the original packaging, placed in the corner and so on. It is necessary to note that the location of the release of the humidity is too large. Putting some desiccant in the package will help, some Car Prototype products in the package itself with a desiccant package; if not, some food packaging desiccant should also be friends :).
So it seems that the above two points is not contradictory? So, or according to the actual situation to analyze the decision. Everyone in the city's natural environment is very different, such as Beijing and Guangzhou in the temperature and humidity will have a relatively large difference. To avoid extreme cases like, do not need to rigidly adhere to a certain specification requirements.