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Why Is The Medical Equipment Prototype Expensive?
Jun 23, 2017

Why is the Medical Equipment Prototype expensive?
 Discuss the prototype of medical equipment, most of the players have talked about the high price of resin models. Through the trip to Dongguan, the opportunity to thoroughly understand the reasons for the expensive medical equipment. Of course, is still a word, side of the word. You are clear public, is not their own resolution.
First of all, we must say that the tree model is a "accidentally" sub-categories, 1: 18 medical equipment prototype is even more so Before 2008, there were almost no 18 Medical Equipment Prototypes. As the economic crisis weakened Europe's consumption, coupled with the surge in labor costs in China, the model market was struggling at the time. Medical Equipment Prototypes are popular at this time. Initially, the prototype of the medical device was originally a model factory to do stereotypes with the sample.
For the model factory, the resin car is a good pen to buy and sell. The reason is very simple - put small, back to the fast.
In the production cost of the alloy model, the cost of mold is very large. To the 1:18 model, the general 200 parts need about 10 to 15 sets of molds. The cost of mold is about 500,000. Although the long life of this abrasive, you can use it for a long time, but the early investment, production time is relatively long, back to the also need a longer time. Alloy mold production process will be followed after the introduction of posts, where not press the table. (Figure 1 is the production of metal molds, Figure 2 Minichamps plant in the mountains of the mold)
Medical equipment prototype is not made with this metal mold. But with a silicone material so-called "water mold." Water mold production costs much lower, the development speed is very fast, but the life is very short, generally do 10 to 20 cars will be scrapped. Figure 3 is a copy of the water mold, Figure 4 for the use of water mold, Figure 5 internal mold.
Figure 6 shows the two jars is actually the medical equipment prototype of the raw materials, two tanks together after the formation of resin. Here insert a Medical Equipment Prototype from otto, gt sprits to MR, BBR, there are also very large price difference. The quality of the resin raw material is also different, relatively low-end medical equipment prototype material closer to the gypsum, by the temperature and humidity and other relatively large, high-quality raw materials may not be able to completely avoid these problems, but much better.
Before injecting the resin, first vacuum the abrasive (Fig. 7), and then obtain the base part of the resin car (Fig. 8). Because the silicone abrasive material is soft (please associate the material of the breast augmentation), it is not easy to be affected by the mold angle when the part leaves the abrasive, and the metal mold used in the alloy mold is hard and brittle. Intuitively, the resin parts in the overall sharpness and detail of the pattern can be better. This should be that we often say, "unlike the alloy car line so meat" reasons.
Put aside the transport, sales channels and other costs do not talk about, in the production process, labor costs is an important part. In this respect, the prototype of the medical device is more expensive than the alloy.
It is generally believed that medical equipment prototype can not drive doors and engines, parts to be less. The fact is true, but the number of high-end medical equipment prototype parts may also be close to or even more than 100, more importantly, the resin is more fragile, need to be more careful treatment, scrap rate is higher. The most significant point, the factory to do medical equipment prototype to the majority of women workers. As shown in Figures 9 to 11, the resin must be manually painted and polished. Paint must be repeated before and after painting, the use of sandpaper must have been soaked in water, texture than coated paper is also smooth. As a comparison, Figure 12 and Figure 13 is the alloy model of the polished painting process, although the whole process is still ruthless and more manual parts are not shown here, but generally speaking, the alloy model of paint can be batch processing, grinding requirements as strict resin.
Finally add a little about copyright royalty. In front of a confession article has said that the model copyright fee is generally the price of the model 10% -15%, the highest is the Ferrari, some models can go to 28%. According to manufacturers say, although the production of medical equipment prototype less, but also must have manufacturers authorized. At least MR, BBR and other high-end brand is so That is, in the licensing fee this one, resin and alloy model is no difference.

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